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AUGUST 17, 2008 12:16AM

Did 6 Months Give Oussama Mellouli The Gold?

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Did 6 Months Give Oussama Mellouli The Gold?  Well that is what the folks over at Steroid Nation believe LINK.  Oussama Mellouli tested positive for amphetamine.  FINA 250px-AdderallXR-15mg gave him an 18 month suspension instead of the standard 24 month ban.  This allowed Mellouli to compete in the Beijing Olympics which he then won Gold in the 1500 Meter Freestyle.

Swimming World LINK reported that Mellouli was using a banned substance while seeking a way to aid in his academic studies.  This illegal substance was Adderall which is prescribed to those with ADHD or attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder. 

Either way one has to sit back and wonder if Mellouli was given the standard 24 month ban then Grant Hackett would have won gold in the 1500 and been a triple Olympic winner in that event.  Lucky guy that Mellouli, lucky.

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Perhaps I'm not totally representative of all Australians but I think there are a lot of us who would say he served his time after taking it as far as he could within the system. So on the day he beat Grant Hackett he had the right to be there. Hackett will have to be satisfied with 2 Gold and one Silver from the event.

Heck, after the race Mellouli jumped out of the pool and looked like he was off on a 5k run to warm down. Hackett was still out of breath at the medal ceremony. That's got to tell you something about how much fitter Mellouli was. And it will be interesting to see if Mellouli is on the podium in 8 years time. I rather expect that the Canadian, Ryan Cochrane will be there.
The new thing now is telling the olympics that you have ADHD so you can use Adderall legally.