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DECEMBER 4, 2009 1:47PM

10 Best Christmas Movies | Most Loved Christmas Movies Ever

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10 Best Christmas Movies - Christmas Tree PhotoBeing an avid movie lover, and having a strong interest in what might be the true list of the 10 Best Christmas movies ever, I searched out what the most popular Christmas movies actually have been over a period of time.  During my search I came across a number of lists that presented opinion rather than popularity by statistics - which is not what you will find here.

With that in mind, here is what I have found to be the list of the Best 10 Christmas movies ever - based on popularity over time and high consumer rankings:

1. Miracle on 34th Street - This is a story about a (very) young lady named Susan who has some trouble getting into the spirit of Christmas until she meets the true Santa Claus. A rather magical movie, and a great choice for entire families to watch.

2. It's a Wonderful Life - Personally I was somewhat surprised to see this in the #2 position rather than first place, simply due to the fact that I've come across quite a number of people that state it's their all-time favorite. Starring Jimmy Stewart, this movie conveys the true meaning of Christmas - a heartwarming movie and a favorite of many, many people.

3. White Christmas - The White Christmas movie is also a classic and a favorite of many. Released in 1954, starring Bing Crosby singing the title song of the movie. This is a lovely story and a choice movie for Christmas time.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Ya "just gotta love" this one - who could possibly forget Snoopy ice skating on the pond with such a happy look on his face? But the major theme is Charlie Brown feeling a bit on the gloomy side, having a difficult time working out, "What is the true meaning of Christmas?"  This movie has given us some of the most popular Christmas music of our time as well.

5. Scrooge - This version of the "Scrooge" themed movies was created in 1970, starring Albert Finney, and has been the most popular of the three similar themed movies on this list. Rather ironically, this movie has received lower critical acclaim than the other two here.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - There are actually two versions of this movie, both based on the Dr. Seuss story originally released as a movie in the mid-1960's. The animated older version stars Boris Karloff while the newer "Grinch" is played by none other than Jim Carrey. Both of these movies are quite entertaining and appear to be about equal in popularity.

7. Christmas in Connecticut - Now - this one is an "oldie but a goodie", starring Barbara Stanwyck in the main role as a writer who is about to get caught telling some "fibs" in her articles for a major publication. This is a romantic and fun movie, originally released in 1945, based around a Christmas theme.

8. Scrooged - This is the second of the three "Scrooge" themed movies, starring Bill Murray. Anyone who has seen this movie might agree that Bill Murray plays a despicable and hateful character very well! He also plays up the part nicely when he turns over a new leaf and discovers the meaning of Christmas and the importance of his friends.

9. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The "Rudolf" movie is one of a few different stop-motion animation movies narrated by Burl Ives for the Christmas season. This movie is quite charming for anyone to watch, and is especially loved by children. The original release of this film was in 1964.

10. A Christmas Carol - This version of the "Scrooge" themed movies was released in 1951 and has received the highest critical acclaim and positive public reviews of the three movies on this list. The performance of the main star (Alastair Sim) is truly amazing - a wonderful movie for anyone.

If you are searching for a true "Top 10" list - the 10 Best Christmas movies, I hope that the movies above have provided you with the information you need!  =)

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Solid list. One of my childhood favorites was March of the Wooden Soldiers (aka Babes in Toyland) with Laurel and Hardy, which is interesting considering how old the movie was at the time.
I know this isn't an opinion list, but Home Alone is a g.d. classic (and did very well at the box office).