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January 01
We (Steve and Helen) irresponsibly gave up our promising careers in aviation and bookselling over ten years ago. Now books seem to have taken over our lives. We frequent libraries, bookstores, and thrift shops in search of interesting books. We buy/swap/sell, but mainly, we read. We both wear glasses and have been mistaken for librarians.


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OCTOBER 25, 2008 10:38AM

Stephen Colbert's Shakespeare Smackdown

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Here's a 6-minute clip from The Colbert Report on October 9, when Colbert and Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt talked politics and Shakespeare. Guess who got the last word?

(For those who can't view hulu videos, here's a link to the Comedy Central clip.)


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One more reason to love Colbert. :D
Two brilliant men. Don't you just love that intellectualism is back?
Could I get everybody to avoid Hulu videos where possible? They don't play outside the United States.
Okay, that was hilarious. Though, philistine that I am, I didn't catch the last quote. Could someone fill me in?
Greenblatt: "Our revels now are ended." (The Tempest)
Colbert: "Our stern alarums chang'd to merry meetings." (Rixhard III)
I think, Rob, that they are agreeing that things are looking fairly bleak.

Matthew, I'm sorry about the hulu video, I didn't realize they don't play outside the US. I can't get the Comedy Central video to embed, so I added a link and will try to find non-hulu videos from now on.
I love how Colbert lets the mask fall away for just the slightest moment at the very end where he impresses the Prof with that "merry meetings" line. Great. Stuff.

Thanks. Hulu, too, is pretty awesome.
I didn't see your comment, Matthew, before I posted. Wonder why Hulu doesn't play worldwide? It's too bad, because the world is missing something.
Smart people are funny.

And they make good presidents, too!
brilliant! I get all tingly watching this. smart is so cool.
Thanks for this. It was great.

If, in deed, Shakespeare had written a saga with the twists and turns of this interminable campaign, he would have been torn to call it tragedy or comedy
Thanks for the extra link. It was worth coming back for. I loved the macho bit at the end.
Loved this. Thanks for sharing. Colbert is a family favorite.

My younger son Andrew wants to share this Othello rap with fellow Shakespeare fans. Check it out here:

Lyrics are written up here:

My older son got onto this through a friend in AP Lit 3 years ago.

Paws up.