NOVEMBER 25, 2008 9:13PM

BREAKING NEWS: Behind Blue Eyes’ identity revealed UPDATE!!

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UPDATE:  Since more information on the subject has come to light in the last 24 hours, I felt compelled to post an update.  Thanks, hyblaean, for the thread today with more hard facts revealed.  A third photo and additional key have been freshened up to include the latest (at the bottom).


With all the lively discussions going around about the OS Collage, and BBE’s commentary on the project, it’s now time to break it wide open. With some painstaking research of the commentary and previous posts, we’ve been able to determine the identity of Behind Blue Eyes. Like a police composite drawing, the pieces have come together for all to see.


BBE Revealed

Here’s the indisputable evidence, based mostly on comments directly from BBE on DogWoman’s OS collage post yesterday. (Note numbered key on the photos)

We found this photo among the outtakes from the vast collection of Lonnie’s backside shots from that “halcyon day” in his youth that are circulating on OS. (Sorry, Lonnie, looks like it’s showing up again . . .)

“Oh, yeah, that's right. I'm actually Lonnie Lazar and this BBE thing is my verbal moon to match my photo.” BBE 11/24/08 4:43 pm

1) Wet pink flowing mane like Freaky Troll

“Freaky is an asexual hermaphrodite, the ultimate intersexed individual.” BBE 11/24/08 6:29 pm

2) Into cooking -- isn’t that Stellaa’s Greek Fish delight from back in September?

“Stellaa, everyone just KNOWS I am YOU.” BBE 11/24/08 3:48 pm

“Stellaa is devious and think about the cooking.” BBE 11/24/08 4:59 pm

3) Looks eerily like the Sexy Bionic Man scar on the back

“As I am actually Steve the Dog Woman's husband, I resent having my manhood called into question. Anger me and you will be positioned [on the poster] under the squirrel” BBE 11/24/08 6:29 pm

4) Is that really a Madame Bitch tattoo? Looks like the tube top was covering that up before. Apparently BBE took o’stephanie’s advice and used a tattoo to accessorize those scars.

“I just got an email that told me I am Madame Bitch.” BBE 11/24/08 5:27 pm

5) More Sexy Bionic Man Steve scars; check out the close up below

6) It can’t be – it is!!! Check out the close-up below. That’s Freaky Troll’s foot hole. No sense of modesty at all. That must have been one big mess to clean out after romping around all day on the beach.


BBE Revealed close-up



Revised BBE

7)  Isn’t that the signature hyblaen knit cap?  Guess it got a little breezy out there on the beach that day and some serious headgear was in order.

               “Good. It is time to head home and everyone knows I am YOU.”  BBE 11/24/08  6:47 pm

8)  Looks like Man Talk Now is lurking in the foreground.  Let’s hope he’s got his eye on Stellaa’s Greek Fish delight and not anything else . . .

               “And shut up, BBE. She's not you, she's me. Or I am she. Or something.”  MTN  11/24/08  6:48 pm

               “I've been asked by four or five people if you are me Man Talk.  Could all three of us be us?”  BBE  11/24/08  6:51 pm

9)  Could it be?  Yes, I think that is Greg’s Vintage Blue Miles Davis “Martin Committee” Trumpet.  Thanks for the pointer, Paidraig!

               “BBE is Greg”  Paidraig Colman  11/25/08  9:13 am

10)  marytkelly has been implicated as well.  She was just a bit too interested in the Naked Pumpkin Run . . .

               “I have everyone fooled. I am both BBE and Man Talk Now AND Madam Bitch! My secret is out...”  mtk 11/24/08  7:38 pm

That’s it, definitive proof. Now we've got a visual of BBE rather than just the blue motorcycle avatar. Maybe this new BBE (Lonnie/Freaky/Stellaa/DogWoman’s Steve/Madame Bitch/hyblaen/MTN/Greg/mtk cross) photo should be the avatar used when the count gets up to 399.

“You'll never get to 400. Never. I am so sure that you will never get to 400, that if you get to 399 I will let you use me for 400.” Behind Blue Eyes 11/24/08 2:29 pm

Join the campaign to put BBE on the OS Poster – help us reach 400 by posting your profile image (avatar) now! For more information, see: Skeptic Turtle’s Open Call: OS Avatar Collage - version 2.0 or Be a Part of OS History: Post Profile Image & TAG os collage (with gratuitous Baby Weasel puppy photo)

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OMG, Behind Blue Eyes! Who knew you were so HAWT! It's all about the scars, baby. Nice tush too. The whole foot hole thing is kinda creepy, but I dig the pink hair. Can I please have some of that dee-lish Greek cooking? Whoa, that's one bitchin' tatoo too.

Send us your avatar photos, the rest of you 5880 useless slackers! (That would include all three of you Editors, btw!)
You forgot the scales a la LT Bohica. Add some scales.
No wonder my purses keep wearing out.
THIS made me laugh.
Kudos for all the work put into it.
Lonnie, you BASTARD! LMAO

Well, at least we know!

ha! welcome to OS S...looking forward to seeing some of your photo work.

(I don't buy the BBE diversion to Lonnie...he might be grumpy but she has him beat for curmudgeonliness)
PF - may have to see about the scales!
I'm worried Lonnie's going to get skin cancer.

the foot hole is hawt.
bbd - My banner photo is one of my efforts, taken in Homer AK during a wonderful summer vacation there with the family. I really love the dramatic juxtaposition of the mountains and the sea. I'll be posting more photos over time.
Excellent research and analysis,.......and TRUE!
The horror. The HORROR!
Very clever and funny!
Should I ever develop skin cancer, under the Norman Cousins theory that laughter is the best medicine, I shall only have to keep returning to OS to see what new permutation of that halcyon day appears next.

Consider it my gift to the community.

Great work Steve; BBE, now you've been punk'd
Stellaa, you really do crack me up. Lonnie, think we need to have tarheeltoker do a post listing all the times your Ultimate Frisbee escapade has made an appearance on OS. T&D, I understand about the purses -- they must wreak havoc on your shoulder too with all that weight. Glad everyone is enjoying this serious investigative journalism.
Priceless! I'm sure you'll continue your incredibly creative ideas to recruit. Maybe after Thanksgiving we can make a group list of who's missing and then hound them mercilessly until they cave.

Thank you for editing # 4b.
You know, I just noticed something.

BBE has really nice calves.
Wow, Lonnie -- you're absolutely right. But the bionic tush really sets things off the most. o'stephanie really digs it, I'm told.
Sally -- maybe we can get you to help with the hounding when (if) the time comes. We'll get BBE in this thing one way or another.
SEE UPDATE!!! Thanks to hyblaen's thread for more info on the mysterious BBE. When will BBE show up to further clarify this investigation???
Eek, PF . . . no scales. Guess we'll have to make do with the scales on the fish until hard evidence comes to bear on the good LT.
"Wow, Lonnie -- you're absolutely right. But the bionic tush really sets things off the most. o'stephanie really digs it, I'm told."

You betcha! I am two years away from finishing my fancy degree so I will be able to spend tens of dollars to buy ass and this bionic one (which I have been faced with in so many places on this website) will definitely be on my list!
Lonnie/BBE/et al -- better watch out once o'stephanie is on the loose!
I have no comment. Men don't talk about their alter egos. They stroke their alter egos. I stroke mine nearly every day.
Hey, I couldn't possibly be BBE! Really. Trust me. I swear. Honest (although I was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, but that was a really long time ago...I think).

Anyone remember the movie Sybil?

How close are we to 399?
(I will not say it...I will not say it...will not say it...oh, hell...)

I think I know who Man Talk Now is, for real.
mtk - recognition is the first step toward recovery . . .
Didn't think I'd find your confession did you? We're here to help. Besides, you've already gotten on board the project with the rest of the lemmings. Wait a minute . . . Or are the ones that have JOINED the project the real trailblazers?! The vast majority are still sitting on the sidelines, so therefore THEY must be the lemmings . . . The current count, by the way, is over 120. We're expecting a big push after the holidays . . .
LMAO! Padraig, BM, you two humble me greatly. I could NEVER in a million years come up with the stuff that BBE does. It has its certain "charm" to it, albeit a nasty sort of charm. :-)

Kudos for putting my Committee on there. Forever grateful. It's lying on my lap as I talk like a puppy with it's daddy.
GT - you talk like a puppy with your horn's daddy? That's got to be quite something to observe...

Steve, I suggest we get tarheeltoker to find out the number of members at OS who have made more than five posts to their blog. I'm willing to take my clothes off on a northern California beach and let o'stephanie take my picture if that number is higher than 150.

If we're gonna abide by the 400 goal, I'm afraid we're going to have to include a bunch of grey ghosts.
Lonnie, I blog whored over 400 in the first month. :-D
I type 100,000 WPM. :-DDDD NAKED!

Did the sand hurt your nut sac? Just wondering.
My nut sac hung in there just fine, but my butt crack was gritty for a week!
You know, BBE did write to me to threaten submit nude photos for the avatar project. Maybe he is Lonnie indeed!

As for the other claims, I'm not so sure. Freaky, we know, has no problem with nudity. But I can't see Stellaa or Madam B going nude for our viewing pleasure. Bionic Man? Maybe. Man Talk? He'd probably go nude, but BBE clearly writes better than Man Talk.

There is so much more mystery to uncover.
I'm bringing my camera....
The nudity meme lives on and on. Perhaps because what so many of us are doing here is a sort of strip tease, revealing tantalizing bits about ourselves and reveling in other members' prurient interest in our lives, that it seems only natural to extend the metaphor to an actual baring of our skin.

Of course, it is always just a tease, because nude photos of ourselves are prohibited on Open Salon. There are ways to get around such a prohibition (we don't always have to meet here, for example) and I, for one, am tempted by the idea, perhaps because I don't have much problem with nudity for the sake of prurience.

I wish that I were even half as popular as BBE.
I wanted to stress that this fond send up does not make Blue Eyes "popular" which would be anathema to him. Rather, it makes the point that we rather appreciate his unique voice here. How could he be anyone else but himself?! (foothole notwithstanding...)
Blue Eyes will never be "house broken" or a tame conservative and more power to him.
Well said, o'stephanie . . .
oh, me oh my, I'm a fool for you, baby...
Oh sweet lord, the madame bitch tatoo! I am so flattered :)