DECEMBER 11, 2008 4:09PM

Avatar Poster UPDATE - ONLY 41 SLOTS LEFT + Alpha Check List

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As of 4:oo pm EST today, there are only 41 slots left open on the OS Collage Avatar Poster.  Better send in your profile image (avatar) to DogWoman or The Bionic Man pronto or you will be left out.  The final deadline is 11:59 pm tomorrow, or earlier if we reach 399 before then.

Here is the alpha listing of all bloggers who are now on the poster.

If you do not see your name on the list below, but believe that you have already sent in your avatar image, please contact DogWoman or The Bionic Man immediately.

Alpha list #1


  Alpha list #2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Alpha list #3



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Oh my goodness. No wonder I can't keep up with my reading! This here's a small City now, not just a Village!
We have become a culture. OS Nation.

41 to go? wow... I hope Blue Eyes is ready for this!
ConnieMack - As of a couple of days ago, there are now User ID numbers up to 12797! Thanks, tarheeltoker for your great database work in support of this project!

The number of available slots is now down to 37 and counting . . .
O'steph - BBE must be sweating right now. Didn't realize that throwing down the gauntlet to DogWoman only got her totally charged up about filling up the poster. She's been a demon and is really getting the job done.
I can't wait to see the final product! So cool!
DogWoman is dog tired. I'm taking a break from my OS avatar recruiting to go to Andrew's HS Holiday Orchestra/Band/Choir Concert. Andrew isn't a member of any of the groups performing, but his best friend Cole plays violin in the orchestra so we're going to support him. It's a big HS (around 1,000 students) and last year the concert was very impressive and a lot of fun. The price is also right for Steve, my finance guru: free! Maybe The Weasel can round up the last 37 while we're gone!