FEBRUARY 19, 2009 2:33PM

Woo Hoo Woo Hoo Hoo - Snow and Surf Fun

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With all the troubles in the world today, sometimes you just need to take a breather, step back and have a little fun.  So, here's a little something to help brighten your day. 

Son Andrew really loves to dive, very useful since he's a volleyball player.  Below is a sequence of images of him in the snow (in our side yard after our March 2008 blizzard) and on a sand bar (in the Florida Keys during our vacation in December).

Now this is a stimulus package that everyone can get behind -- and it's guaranteed 100% debt free!

Woo Hoo - 5678s

Andrew Diving

 Pure joy -- thanks, Andrew, for brightening our life!  

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Thanks for stopping by, Julie. He's a fun kid. A little levity for these dark times . . .
Love that music...WOO HOO WOO HOW.....WOOP TEE DO DA DAY....
Bionic Bro, you know just what the Dr. ordered! What a hoot. You should be beaming - you rate a post on pedestriansaga, an admirable feat! I remember the Drewby honing that dive when I first put him on skates. He dove for the lawn beside the sidewalk and along the alley as he zoomed circles around the block. The dive had all the grace of cat landing from sill or spider leaping from brush. Has the fast-growing bod got the rebound polished yet? Most useful follow-through, whether to prevent drowning or missing the next dig. Blowing kisses - ViaLys
Yeah, that's my boy. The inimitable Drewnstermeister.

Paws way up.
Nan - glad you liked the music
Wood Elf - happy that this was well-timed for you; I do feel honored that pedestriansaga.com picked this up
CCC, if you look really hard in the last frame of the snow sequence, you'll see the "B" on Andrew's knit cap! Go BoSox!
Oh, I wanna move to the Keys - So Bad! (Diving in snow - not so much). Your Andrew Loves his Life, don't he?

Good to see/read you again, Steve! So busy, I just don't get everywhere I want to. What's that phrase? Oh yeah, I Can't Wait to Retire!
I really, really love this. What a great kid, what a great post.

Thanks BioMan!

(perfect music)
Thanks for the look, ConnieMack. When you move down to the Keys, we'll have to come visit. Andrew will teach you the secrets of diving . . .

Barry - glad you liked this. The music seemed just right for Mr. Andrew. He's a lot of fun.