The Bucking Jenny

The Bucking Jenny
Laramie, Wyoming, USA
July 13
Like many others, I was taught that talking about religion or politics was rude. But, here's the deal folks... We can't hide behind that anymore, we can't hide behind "let's agree to disagree," or "let's just move on". We aren't talking about issues that are hypothetical, or might hurt somebody we don't know, or a future generation we'll never see. This is it. We are at a point where we have to have the conversations because the people we aren't talking about... That's us. We have to share the facts. We have to ask each other why we believe the pundits, or old disproven rhetoric. All too often, I'm shushed by the family republican who honestly thinks I'm wrong but doesn't want to fight, or the friends-list ostrich who prefers ignorant bliss, or the resident face-book troll who knows I’m right and wants right silenced. I simply cannot stop talking about and trying to ensure the future of our nation, of my children's nation, to appease others. So I'll start a blog, and shout out into the vastness of the internet instead, perhaps I'll find a like mind or two