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Kathy Gori

Kathy Gori
December 31
Screenwriter/Indian foodie
Kathy Gori has been cooking Indian food for 20 years. A screenwriter by trade, she works at home, so trading a hot keyboard for a hot stove is just a matter of a few steps. Kathy's obsession with Indian cooking began when her sister-in-law, who'd lived and worked in India, introduced her to the intricacies of the Indian kitchen. Thousands of hours and hundreds of dishes later, Kathy makes her own chutneys, grinds her own spices and enjoys exploring the various cuisines of the sub-continent. She has cooked for some of the Dalai Lama's monks, the Director of the Delhi Museum and President Clinton's California campaign staff. She's always learning and likes to share her knowledge and love of Indian cooking with others. In addition to her writing and cooking, Kathy was the voice of Rosemary the Telephone Operator in the series Hong Kong Phooey. She has voiced many films and commericals, winning a Cleo Award. She and her husband/writing partner Alan Berger live with their Siberian Husky Patsy in Sonoma. They are currently working on a project for producer Andrew Lazar (Get Smart) and most recently worked on the screenplay for Chaos Theory starring Ryan Reynolds.

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DECEMBER 18, 2011 10:54AM

Gluten Free Pear and Caramel Tart, Plus A Giveaway.

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   Ever since I figured out how to get a tart out of one of those springform tart pans without screwing the entire crust up, I've been fascinated with tart pans. To me it's like magic. Okay, call me easily amused but I love wielding a spatula and easing the crust off its' little metal base after I make the tin frame drop its' ruffled skirts and let its' full tartiness rule. Any chance I can get to exercise my tart unmolding skills I'll take. So, last night when our friends came over for a movie night, I decided since Terri would be joining us, that would be the night I'd attempt my first gluten free tart. It turns out that while he was in India, Mr. X had received a gift of Harry and David pears from a business associate. He brought them over to our house and who could resist a big box of Royal Riviera Pears all wrapped up in pretty green tissue paper? I had to bake a pear tart.

   The pear tart recipe is virtually the same as the Apple Caramel Tart I baked for Halloween. The caramel recipe was the same, the filling recipe was the same, just substituting pears for apples. The only thing different was the gluten free crust. Ever since my friend Terri was diagnosed with celiac disease earlier this year, I've been experimenting with more gluten free baking. I decided to try a mix of flours to take the place of wheat flour in the crust recipe. I mixed up a batch of this stuff earlier this week, and this tart seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try it out. Here's a gluten free flour mix. This mix makes about 3 to 4 cups of flour substitute.

Here's What You Need:

1 cup of sorghum flour
1 cup of tapioca flour
1/2 cup of almond meal flour
1 tsp xanthan gum

Sift all of these together so they're well mixed.
   Follow the Apple Caramel Crust recipe. The dough will be a bit softer than the regular flour dough, but other than that it's pretty much the same. The almond flavor in the flour mix adds a nice accent to the pear tart. After the tart cooled I sprinkled a bit of finely chopped walnuts over the top. When serving, drizzle a bit of warm caramel sauce over the tart and hit it with a dollop of whipped cream for added festivity

So, did it work? You bet it did.  

   The gluten free tart was a big hit. Terri and everybody else loved it. One hint, it was all gone in one sitting. Slowly but surely I'm learning more about gluten free baking and hell, baking in general. I'm going to be doing a lot more of this. It's fun experimenting with various flours and seeing how they interact with each other.

   As to the unmolding part of this tart? The part I love the best, voila! It worked beautifully except for the fact that I was looking around for the metal base of the tart pan all afternoon. How coud such a skilled baker have mislaid it? Of course I found out where it was once everyone started digging into dessert. It was still stuck to the bottom of the pan. My bad. My dessert however, good.

  Coming up next, some dishes courtesy of  Suvir Saran's new cookbook Masala Farm: Stories and Recipes from an Uncommon Life in the Country and a Giveaway from OXO on behalf of the fight against Pediatric Cancer. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori

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Sitting here, salivating. So, how many people were upset about the location of the base???????
Haha..just me..since the entire thing was eaten by everyone in one sitting we found it pretty fast!
Every excellent cook must have a funny story to share at mealtime. The pan bottom sounds like it came in time - no pun intended, of course. Great story~