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Kathy Gori

Kathy Gori
December 31
Screenwriter/Indian foodie
Kathy Gori has been cooking Indian food for 20 years. A screenwriter by trade, she works at home, so trading a hot keyboard for a hot stove is just a matter of a few steps. Kathy's obsession with Indian cooking began when her sister-in-law, who'd lived and worked in India, introduced her to the intricacies of the Indian kitchen. Thousands of hours and hundreds of dishes later, Kathy makes her own chutneys, grinds her own spices and enjoys exploring the various cuisines of the sub-continent. She has cooked for some of the Dalai Lama's monks, the Director of the Delhi Museum and President Clinton's California campaign staff. She's always learning and likes to share her knowledge and love of Indian cooking with others. In addition to her writing and cooking, Kathy was the voice of Rosemary the Telephone Operator in the series Hong Kong Phooey. She has voiced many films and commericals, winning a Cleo Award. She and her husband/writing partner Alan Berger live with their Siberian Husky Patsy in Sonoma. They are currently working on a project for producer Andrew Lazar (Get Smart) and most recently worked on the screenplay for Chaos Theory starring Ryan Reynolds.

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JUNE 26, 2012 3:46PM

15 Minute Sweet Pickles

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Gin and Tonic. A Virgin's Tale

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JUNE 14, 2012 7:53PM

Blogging and The Real World

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A guy usually walks  into a bar... and then a lot of things transpire. Most of them cannot be included here in a family-friendly blog about Indian food.  But this wasn't a bar the guy walked into, this was the Sonoma Basque Boulangerie where we locals hang out like a bunch/… Read full post »

   Around this time of the year I never know what I'm going to find at the markets around Sonoma. I might start off looking for one thing and come back with another. It all depends on what looks fresh. This time of year some of the things that tend to/
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MAY 24, 2012 6:45PM

Of Johnny Depp and Vindaloo

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His working schedule was two days off one day on. That one day was overnight, 24 hours, and would sometimes/… Read full post »

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   Sorry to be a day late in announcing the winner of the OXO 5lb Digital Scale With Pull Out Display  but if I even began to tell you of the craziness that's gone on this weekend around our house, you would think I was channeling some insane sitcom. It started/… Read full post »

   I knew the dame was trouble the minute she walked into my kitchen. She had that soft pliable texture, big dark eyes I could pick off and eat, skin like marshmallow,  and a pair of ears that just wouldn't quit.

   But she was hard. I could tell at a glance/… Read full post »

   Some smart business person once told me that if one adds the number 99 to anything, it somehow makes it more desirable.  $5.99 rather than $6.00, $199.00 rather than $200.00, and of course everyone knows about 999. For me however, and for a lot of other people, the magic number/… Read full post »
   Sometimes, the things that seem to be the most expensive and rare, turn out to be the simplest and easiest to make at home. Good quality ricotta, pickled and spiced cherries, artisan breads and truffles. Now, when I'm talking about truffles here, I'm not talking about those things/… Read full post »

   A few weeks ago, after we had our #Indianfoodpalooza I got an email from my friend Amanda of Dabblings and Whimsey. Amanda was embarking on her own Indian cooking binge and asked me if I'd like to contribute a guest post to her blog. Someone new taking up Indian food?/… Read full post »
   Every time I cook a holiday meal for my parents, I get a warning from my mother before hand. Basically the warning  is "Don't cook too much food!"  Translation:  "Don't cook any food!"
   "Mom," I say. "There are going to be other people. I have/… Read full post »

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