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The Film Warriors

The Film Warriors
June 05
When the lights go up, we brethren remain, endlessly questing for legend. We speak the language of screenplay. We follow the light of projection. We bow only to the Gods of Cinema. We are the children of the blockbuster. We are The Film Warriors.


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DECEMBER 31, 2010 1:08PM

They Went That-A-Way!

As of January 1st, The Film Warriors will no longer be actively posting on Open Salon.  We have enjoyed meeting all of you within this online community over the past year and sharing our thoughts on the films we have seen along the path.

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DECEMBER 31, 2010 12:44PM

The 12 Days Of Cinema: Gremlins (1984)

By Centauri 

4 Silver Bells

"Gremlins" is not your typical holiday film.  However, (for the most part) if you've come to this series of posts expecting typical holiday films, you've been coming to the wrong place.

What is it about this particular filmRead full post »

DECEMBER 30, 2010 11:39AM

Soiled Restroom Cinema: Easy A

By Ace Hunter 

Two Flusher = Mexican Revolt

It’s a good thing that writer/director John Hughes is no longer with us, because if he were he’d probably be suing for copyright infringement by now.

“Easy A” is a Mad Libs concoction ofRead full post »

(The Heavy Metal Warrior, once again rises from the underground lair to spread Christmas cheer ...and fire a huge serving of figgy pudding at a celebrated character actor.)

4 Silver Bells (First 40 and last 10 minutes of the film)

1 Silver Bell (Anything involving/Read full post »

(Guest blogger and honorary Film Warrior Rachel Brethauer joins us for the holidays with a look at one of the all time classics of Christmas films.  You can see more of Rachel's work on her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter under the nameRead full post »

DECEMBER 26, 2010 10:07AM

The 12 Days Of Cinema: Scrooge (1970)

(Guest writer Michael Johnathan Lee, better known as @GoldenAgeofGeek on Twitter and entertainment blogger for The Wrap returns with his holiday take on a musical version of "A Christmas Carol.")

 4 Silver Bells

My very first exposure to the Charles Dickens classic,Read full post »

                                                         By Uncle Billy

18 Silver Bells (Us FWs do make exceptions on our ratings at times.&nbRead full post »
DECEMBER 24, 2010 3:16PM

The 12 Days Of Cinema: Die Hard (1988)

By Ace Hunter

4 Silver Bells

Christmas is not always about good cheer, presents, or shooting your eye out.  Sometimes a holiday backdrop can be used to stage an elaborate robbery in a high rise office building by a team of experienced antagonists willing toRead full post »

DECEMBER 23, 2010 3:26PM

DVD Klaxxon: Step Up 3

By Ace Hunter

3 = Combat Readiness Medal

Somehow I managed to have seen all three “Step Up” films on my endless quest.  I know I’m not in the age demographic, nor can I dance to save my life.  I should have stopped after choking on the plotRead full post »

By Centauri

4 Silver Bells

Best known as the "Crash" of romantic comedies, writer-director Richard Curtis' "Love Actually" has become the 'must view' film in the Centauri household at this time of year.

Largely ignored upon initial release, this Christmas themed film hasRead full post »

By Ace Hunter

I'm not sure what's worse, that the overhyped "Tron: Legacy" only managed to pull in a sub par $43 million on its opening weekend despite the fact that it had nearly three years of marketing under its belt, or that the furry CGI dildo/Read full post »

By Ace Hunter

Having just addressed a few train wreck movie trailers in yesterday’s Endless Quest post (HERE), it’s nice to turn it around in the Trailer Armory today and offer up two forthcoming quest items that look truly exciting.

First up is “Hanna.”  Saoirs/Read full post »

DECEMBER 21, 2010 7:47AM

The 12 Days Of Cinema: Bad Santa (2003)

By Ace Hunter

3 Silver Bells

There are very few Christmas films that don’t actually promote holiday cheer and goodwill towards men in some form, yet are still considered yuletide classics in their own right.  “Silent Night, Deadly Night” has garnered a cult status/Read full post »

By Ace Hunter

It happens every year on our cinematic path.  We encounter quest items that either fail miserably to live up to expectations and Hollywood’s overhyped marketing department, or that look to be dead on arrival from their lackluster previews.  

“Tron: LegacyRead full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2010 7:46AM

The 12 Days Of Cinema: Elf (2003)

(Guest blogger and honorary Film Warrior Jamie Hahn kicks off our holiday festivities with a look at this Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell.  You can read more of this talented writer's work on her own blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter under @thisjamie.)

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DECEMBER 18, 2010 9:24AM

How Do You Know: Oh I Know! I Know!

By Ace Hunter

1 = Summary Court Martial

How do you know this is a terrible film from once talented writer/director James L. Brooks?  Because every character in this quest item you would hate to be seated next to on an airplane.

"How Do You Know" deals with Lisa/Read full post »

DECEMBER 17, 2010 4:55PM

Blake Edwards: Forever In Pink

By Ace Hunter

Legendary writer/director Blake Edwards passed away on the Wednesday at the age of 88 in Santa Monica, CA from complications with pneumonia (read HERE), and what he leaves behind is a legacy of quest items that will be viewed by filmgoers for/Read full post »

By Ace Hunter

Hopefully last weekend's paltry box office take of $25 million for the latest "Narnia" film will be the final nail in this tepid franchise.  I think we've all had enough of those annoying British kids chatting it up with resident fur covered deity Aslan.  Read full post »

DECEMBER 11, 2010 9:52AM

Trailer Armory: Thor

By Ace Hunter

I sometimes hate it when I'm right.  Back in July I gave my assessment of the Comic Con footage showcasing Marvel's upcoming "Thor," citing the material as lackluster.

I had hoped that by the time the first trailer was released they hadRead full post »

DECEMBER 11, 2010 9:06AM

Black Swan: It's "Inception" Good

By Lina Lamont

4 = Medal of Honor

Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” is so good that it’s difficult to put into words just how good it really is. In fact, I wish our rating system had a 5 or higher.

For starters, it’s directedRead full post »

DECEMBER 10, 2010 10:27AM

The Fighter: Almost A Knockout

By Lina Lamont

3 = Combat Readiness Medal

The buzz on the web regarding David O. Russell’s “The Fighter” pretty consistently mentioned the same three names over and over again: Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, and Amy Adams. After catching a sneak peek of theRead full post »

By Ace Hunter

Never underestimate the power of a woman, especially one with very long hair.  Disney's "Tangled" managed to unseat the almighty Harry Potter to take the top spot at the box office last weekend, which is like saying a colonoscopy is slightly more entertaining than/Read full post »

By Ace Hunter

It's comes as no real surprise that I have very little love for Michael Bay and his overblown "Transformers" franchise (read HERE), but I'd be remiss as a Film Warrior if I didn't acknowledge the worldwide success of these films and his ability to/Read full post »

By Ace Hunter

In Lawrence Kasdan’s film “Grand Canyon,” Steve Martin comments to one of the characters: “That’s part of your problem: you haven’t seen enough movies.  All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.”  

I often retRead full post »

By Centauri

On my recent vacation, I headed back home for a long overdue family Thanksgiving.  Since home, for me, happens to be the 'land of a thousand theme parks'...naturally, I would be expected to visit one or two. 

As I am a huge geekRead full post »