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The Film Warriors
June 05
When the lights go up, we brethren remain, endlessly questing for legend. We speak the language of screenplay. We follow the light of projection. We bow only to the Gods of Cinema. We are the children of the blockbuster. We are The Film Warriors.


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MARCH 26, 2010 10:17AM

Weekend Film Warrior 3/26: Dragons In The Hot Tub

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We are now one week away from the big screen behemoth know as "Clash of the Titans", which was originally scheduled for this weekend until they decided that it needed a 3D upgrade (which it probably doesn't). Until then we'll have to settle for these three quest items up for grabs:

"Hot Tub Time Machine"
This comedy from director
Steve Pink ("Accepted") about four friends who travel back to 1986 via a hot tub (hence the title) has been screening for the past two months and has garnered huge word of mouth. Even our own refined Film Warrior Lina Lamont (whose review you can read right HERE) found the film to be hysterical, and believe me, that's high praise! Actor John Cusack essentially plays straight man (similar to his "Better Off Dead" role) to a talented group of comedians, including Craig Robinson ("The Office") and the outrageous Rob Corddry ("The Daily Show"), whose character starts off out of control and goes from there.

Get yourself into the hot tub!

"How To Train Your Dragon"
For the kids this weekend we have yet another CGI animated film from Dreamworks, this time involving Vikings, dragons, and all sorts of cheap fart jokes and cuteness. I burned out on this type of animated fare years ago, but upon viewing the trailer I'd have to say this looks to be a better effort for this genre. The dragon is somewhat adorable, however, I will either have to rent a child or find a date for this one. I learned my lesson from my recent experience (which you can read
HERE) of watching Disney's "The Tooth Fairy" as a single adult male sitting alone amongst a theater filled with kids. Where is Stanley Tucci when you need him?

"I Love You Phillip Morris"
Opening in limited release this week is author Steve McVicker's adaption of his novel involving a happily married man (Jim Carrey) who discovers he's gay, breaks the law, ends up in jail, and falls in love with his cellmate (Ewan McGregor). How's that for a date movie! Comes from the same writing team as "Bad Santa", which probably explains a lot.

Let the questing begin!

"Deeds, not words..."

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any chance you CoB could expand upon your reviews? I need More info!

I figure I'll watch HTTM simply because of Corddry and Cusak, and so I can bask in the memories of big hair and coke-fueled sex. But is it good...? I dunno.

And Phillip Morris, definitely going to check it out. But did you like it?

Keep me apprised.
Enjoy the hot tub ;0)
This weekly post is just a listing of what's coming out for the weekend, and a short blurb about them. They aren't actual reviews, although we do feature those as well.

That being said, out of the three releases this week, "Hot Tub Time Machine" is your best pick. HYSTERICALLY funny material, and definitely needs to be seen if only for Rob Corddry's performance.


(and thank you for following our blog. We love you. Really.)
I know! Even spambots seem to love us! Lol.