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We Are The Children Of The Blockbuster

The Film Warriors

The Film Warriors
June 05
When the lights go up, we brethren remain, endlessly questing for legend. We speak the language of screenplay. We follow the light of projection. We bow only to the Gods of Cinema. We are the children of the blockbuster. We are The Film Warriors.


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DECEMBER 31, 2010 1:08PM

They Went That-A-Way!

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As of January 1st, The Film Warriors will no longer be actively posting on Open Salon.  We have enjoyed meeting all of you within this online community over the past year and sharing our thoughts on the films we have seen along the path.

Now that we have our internet foundation in place, the time has come for us to focus solely on our primary Blogger site (The Film Warriors) and continue to build our audience from there.  

Now is the time to bookmark our site, follow us on Facebook (HERE), and Twitter (HERE), to keep up to date on the latest happenings within the film community.  

We thank you for your comments and hope you will continue to voice your opinions on our work in the future.  This blog will remain active for the next month, then will vanish back into the cyberspace from whence it came.

Happy New Year!


Honor Knight (Ace Hunter)

Stan Kiejko (Centauri)

Lani Simeona (Lina Lamont)

Brian Peckham (Uncle Billy)

We are the children of the blockbuster.

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