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NOVEMBER 17, 2010 10:49AM

The Strange Tale of Dr. Andy Harris

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andyAndy Harris, until his election as a Republican member of the House of Representatives this fall, was a practicing anesthesiologist in Maryland and he was mad. He was so mad at the Democrats and Barack Obama at passing the Health Care Reform Act, one provision of which gives health care insurance to those previously unable to obtain it,  that he decided he would run for congressional office himself. And so he put together a campaign almost singularly based on taking down what has become derisively known as  Obamacare.
But Andy Harris didn't just drop out of the blue and into national politics. He was a known entity in Maryland, having served 12 years as a state senator and he had a proven track record of very conservative political stances.  He voted against the creation of a state childcare tax credit; against a bill to reduce class sizes in public schools; and against a bill to create a cancer screening, prevention and treatment  program. In other words, Andy Harris was against government action in health care, even at the state level.  People, he advocated, should be responsible for themselves, not the government. No one, he said repeatedly, should be given government paid health care insurance. And so, sensing an opportunity,  he ran for Congress in Maryland's 1st Congressional  District in 2010.  And Andy Harris won handily.
At an orientation meeting for incoming freshmen congresspeople shortly after the election,  it was explained to him that his very generous, government furnished, health care plan for members of the House would not become effective until February 1st, 2011 - 28 days after taking office; and Andy Harris was incensed at that news. He stood up and told the lady who was conducting the orientation that the 28 day wait was ridiculous; that this was the only employer he had ever worked for didn't provide health care from Day One. How, he asked, would he protect himself and his family for a whole month, waiting for his health care plan to kick in? 
And so Dr. Andy Harris goes to Congress without, presumably, health care insurance for himself and his family for 28 days, as he begins his quest to deny any kind of health care insurance to millions of people of lesser means, the same  people who as taxpayers give him what he seems to think is his personal entitlement. The irony couldn't be more striking.
Dr.  Andy, we weep for your misfortune.

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Sadly enough, his story is like so many other people that don't support the Health Care Act, but want the best the government has to offer. I guess we should all go and work for the Federal Govt and depend on it to take care of us. Then, in their eyes, it would be legitimate.
And with his income he could easily afford to buy insurance for a month.

What's even stranger is that without Medicaid and Medicare, government programs, many of his own patients would be unable to pay for his services.

As far as I can tell, the Republican health care plan is not to have a plan. Either you have insurance or you don't, and if you don't that's your problem.
I think he's been huffing too much nitrous oxide.
I voted for Kratovil, the independent and incumbent. Unfortunately, the district lines for this race are kind of crazy and include much of the conservative part of the state. So, Maryland, which is usually Democratic-voting, is stuck with him until the next election.
I have to ask... Do people go into medicine because they want to help sick people or is their motivation solely based on how much money is to be made?

This guy is a disgusting ghoul and I hope the mindset he represents is put into extinction sooner rather than later.
The hypocrisy is disgusting. But it's what "The American people" wanted. At least that's what they keep saying.
What an ass......many MDs feel the same way....the people of Maryland who did not vote for him have my sympathy, for those who did, I feel only contempt.
I voted against him, he is an ingrate and opportunist....he attended a function I had paid to go to, and started going around wanting to shake people's hands. I refused. The negative ads this man "endorsed" were sickening.
Thanks for the insightful comments. We of a single payer bent were stunned with the enormous hypocrisy of this man. It is painful to watch someone so out of touch with his basic humanity