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FEBRUARY 2, 2012 11:22AM

I need a new religion

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I need a new religion. I've come to the conclusion that American-style Christianity sucks. I've just recently realized that that the one I (pretty much) was a member of has decided that they really, really want to make everyone else think like they do - and if you don't, by God, you're going to jail, Bub!

My politics are just not aligned with conventional Christian belief systems, I guess. I'm really getting sick of organized religion getting so deep into the political muck. I'm sick of Mormons and Catholics throwing dollars into the political process to “protect marriage,” even when more than 50% of which wind up in Splitsville anyway. I'm tired of hearing them whine about having to dispense birth control from their hospitals to people who want it, on one hand, while with the other they gladly accept Medicare and Medicaid dollars. I get really worked up about both of these “strange bedfellow” religions wanting the human race to breed itself out of existence by having (married) women having as many kids as they biologically can.

All those Protestant preachers on TV railing about “family values,” and gay marriage, and  godless, European-style  socialists, and “lib'ruls” just give me a giant headache, and more than anything make me really mad that they have about as much regard for the message of Jesus as I have for the message of Hitler. 

It all came home just a day or two ago when I noticed that a group I've actually given money to, and “marched” with a few years ago, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, decided to withdraw it's funding for Planned Parenthood – ostensibly on the basis that it is “under investigation” - by the Congress of the United States, an investigation begun by the far right wing Republican majority in the House of Representatives, largely because about 3% of the work PP does actually involves abortion.

Adding insult to injury, that porcine governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, decided to cut Planned Parenthood out of the state budget altogether. Now 7 states have placed some kind of restrictions on Panned Parenthood, an organization absolutely dedicated to women's health issues and whose clients are by a wide majority poor or at least of modest means.

I'm not wild about abortion, but I'll be damned if I'll impose my religion-based ethics on someone else, regardless of whether they're co-religionists or anti-religion, or whatever. Because that's what they're trying to do, I think.

They think, like all true believers, they have all the answers and anyone who disagrees with them is just full of it. Well, they don't, and so I'm out looking for a new religion, although I doubt I'll find one that really suits me.

Maybe I'll start my own. I'll call it Flylooperism. Has a nice ring to it. Just one commandment: Be nice.

I get a tax deduction, too, I think.

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Shaking my head in agreement throughout. The liberals or the conservatives give me a giant headache too. I just want to see great people, and those are are to find.
If you want to make money, create your own religion! I agree with fernsy. I agree with John Lennon, also, and do try to imagine a world with no religion. What would we do then?
Chuckle,chuckle...suits me alright.
Many years ago,the old father of my Canadian girlfriend used to attend Black service because he argued that it was a congregation that knew how to be happy,noisy and creative in their service to worship the Lord.
"Maybe I'll start my own. I'll call it Flylooperism. Has a nice ring to it. Just one commandment: Be nice"
Wouldn't it be great to join these two approaches ?
I am definite your commandment would be heeded.
I am sure we all would have fun dancing ,clapping our hands in rhythm,praying out loud and
Rated for a great,innovative idea.
Rated for a great,innovative idea.
Sorry for the double,it did not go through,and when I erased and cancelled see what happened.
That one commandment would solve a lot of problems.

"I am sure we all would have fun dancing ,clapping our hands in rhythm,praying out loud and..."

...and having a few cold beers?
Oh,thanks,I love your sense of humor.
As to the political situation you were referring to,it's so brisant and frightening that the best way to cope with the desaster is to laugh.There is a proverb in German"Humor ist wenn man trotzdem lacht"=Humor is when you can laugh despite of all.
If you have time and interest,could we continue this dialogue?
What is happening in the US at present is causing great concern not only for the people living there like you.Are you taking part in the discussions taking place at Jonathan's blogs or of any other OSers
trying to find a way to save the ship from sinking?There are several very good writers on OS.
"I get a tax deduction, too, I think."
This is just as funny,in political terms.
Your chart is interesting.
Hey Fly, you should check out Unitarian-Universalism (UU). Our principles ( include honoring each individual's spiritual path (or lack of same), and we have a great sense of humor.