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FEBRUARY 18, 2012 7:19PM

"Chicks Up Front!": The GOP's War Against Women

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Berkeley, 1969. National Guardsmen take over the streets over Peoples Park. It appears the Republican Party is making an all out, full frontal assault on women as we get into high gear this election season. The bullet points below were cut and pasted from various places around the net.
  • How many of the witnesses will offer testimony in support of the administration's position? According to Democrats, zero. How many can speak to issues regarding contraception and/or preventive health care? Again, zero. Issa invited nine people to testify, and each of them will tell Issa exactly what he wants to hear. Democrats were initially offered a chance to have one   witness testify, but when they selected a female law student at Georgetown, Republican committee staffers rejected the choice, arguing that she would only be able to speak to issues regarding contraception access -- and this was a hearing about religious liberty.
  • Every day three women in America are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Yet, the Republican Party is opposing the extension of the Violence Against Women Act because it helps too many women. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) is leading the charge against reauthorization over provisions that offer protections to domestic abuse victims that happen to be LGBT or undocumented immigrants. (In other words, straight white women only, please.)
  • Sen. Roy Blunt, (R-MO), has vowed to push for a vote on his legislation to overturn the new birth control requirement, possibly this week, despite Obama’s efforts to quiet the controversy on Friday by tweaking the rule. Blunt’s move, in turn, has sparked a fierce lobbying campaign by women’s health advocates, who say his legislation is a “radical” effort to block a gamut of women’s health services, not just contraception.
  • The GOP state legislative supermajority state in Virginia passed a law in which women are forced to be vaginally penetrated with an ultrasound probe to determine the age of the fetus before allowing a woman to terminate her pregnancy. The bill passed over bitter yet futile objections from Democrats. And one GOP delegate caused the House to ripple when he said most abortions come as "matters of lifestyle convenience."
And these are just for openers! It's as if conservative leaders have taken leave of their frikkin' humanity.

Chicks Up Front”
In the 1960's, when the San Francisco Bay Area was a giant, nine county fermentation tank of political and social change, there seemed to be a “protest du jour” going on all the time. There were huge rallies at San Francisco State, Berkeley, San Jose State, even snooty old Stanford, down in Palo Alto. The Yippies were at their height of fame (or infamy, perhaps, if you were an indignant working adult). At times it got out of hand, and the cops usually could be stoked up enough to react unpleasantly in order to break us up. They routinely banged kids over the head with batons and hauled them off for a few hours. 

In 1969, then-Governor Ronald Reagan even sent in the National Guard (pictured above)  when, in Berkeley, kids were protesting against the university taking over a local vacant lot called Peoples Park, near the UC campus, which served as a camp ground for street people. It got ugly as hell. One kid, sitting on a rooftop watching all the goings-on, was even shotgunned to death by the Berkeley cops.

That was when organizers created a tactic which they thought would keep the blue meanies from beating us all up by putting girls at the head of the demonstration to face off with the cops. “Chicks up front!” became almost a battle cry. (Along with “Don't trust anyone over 30!”) It was the women who were obviously the willing sacrificial lambs. 

It's time to get the “chicks up front” once again. This time to the polls. 

And filing for elective office, too. In the House there are 74 female Representatives (23%). The Senate has 16 females (16%). These are the highest numbers of women members in the history of the Congress! Of the 16 female Senators, 11 are Democrats and 5 are Republicans. Of the 74 female Representatives, 53 are Democrats and 21 are Republicans.

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I have been trying to figure out how they could have forgotten that women still have the vote.
rated with love
I have my own blog post going, my own history of birth control. Birth control allowed me to finish my education, support my family, and have two loved, wanted, and supported children, at the right time in my life. Without it, I would likely have been married at 18 to absolutely the wrong person, and divorced by 28 with a string of kids.
Right on, brother! And spoken without a trace of irony.
One of Santorum or Romney's examples, wish I could remember which one, involved a 23 year old woman with 4 kids. I can't remember the exact thing he said but it was on the subject of contraception being a bad thing. I just wondered where they hang out, and thought that poor girl is in need of access to the pill.

Does anyone remember that comment?
Policing people's sex lives is not going to go over well. Most men are just as invested as women that women have full range health care, including family planning. This is truly idiocy run amok.
Evidently the Susan G Komen flap at the start of this month taught Darrell Issa Bum Fuck NOTHING. It makes me furious, yet their blatant tactical stupidity is more helpful to us than to them. This will hopefully send angry, thinking women to the polls by the millions.

Excellent recount of the insanity that is being waged against women. One can only hope that the women who are running for office on the 2012 ticket will all be elected...the Democrats anyway. The Republicans don't seem to have any real women in their ranks.
I wouldn't touch this with a 10Foot Probe! Great Post. R
Chick's up front? There were chicks up front at Berkley's Occupy and they were beaten, too. I'm not quite sure it matters - unless of course, you're Santorum who thinks women have no business on the front lines of any conflict. Of course... I would be one of them!

Cops aren't what they used to be.