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APRIL 30, 2012 6:17PM

What are you going to do, tear down half the city

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Deputy D.A. Traini: Do you know how much this
concrete jungle has cost so far? 400 billion.

Commissario Bonavia: And 59 killings.

Deputy D.A. Traini: 63, counting the four of today.

Commissario Bonavia: Those are the ones in the cemetery… A great many of them are buried right here: in cement. But what are you gonna do, tear down half the city?… Where do you live anyway?

Deputy D.A. Traini: Here in the vicinity.

Commissario Bonavia: Well, watch out. One of these days you’ll turn on the tap, and blood will run out… Or you’ll see something in a crack in the wall, scrape it out and what will you see? A finger, or an eye.

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