AUGUST 24, 2010 2:32PM

She Haunts Me, That Small Girl



Have you ever bled words solely to purge the thought, nay, to purge God forsaken pictures from your head? But, how preposterous to ask such a question. Of course you have.


I know what that's like.


Like the tale of the door and the death on theRead full post »

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AUGUST 22, 2010 2:36PM

I Crawl Here Hungry and You Feed Me


Mostly a ghost writer, I bleed words from soul to fingertip, signed by a name not my own.

My sister tells me I'm a born caregiver. What else can I be when need seeks out my heart with unspoken whispers? Yet to figure out how to silence the whispers, I'm not
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JULY 22, 2010 1:54AM

He Is Gone and I Have No Words



The eulogy would have
made him proud,
I like to think. 

Oh, how they
laughed, followed
by hiccupped tears
and the soft swoosh
of kleenex pulled
from the box. 

One by one my sisters

and brothers

joined me.

Sharing memories,

some of them
broke. sobbed.
face in hands,
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APRIL 15, 2010 5:18PM

And You Wish...

Not poetry... I'm no poet. Just broken prose, really.

In the beginning, they’re wonderful, the cheerleaders.

Soul pumping inspiration that sings to your psyche

until one day, perhaps at 8 pm

on a cloudy Wednesday evening

when you realize

you’re the lone player on the field

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MARCH 30, 2010 2:42PM

They Who Dream By Day


They who dream by day are cognizant of many things
which escape those who dream only by night.


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JANUARY 31, 2010 11:18PM

Who are the caregivers on OS?

Do you know who the caregivers are here on OS? I'd like to find to all the caregivers -- if you know of any, can you post them or PM me or send them over to say hi?   

There's a chunk of snow hanging off my roof - it spans more than half the width of my deck and hangs down over 2 feet. It's going to make one heck of a thump when it falls. Snow piled to the doorknob on my back door. Welcome to Sasquatch country today;


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Clickety clack, clickety clack. The sound went on hour after hour. Farmboys, all twelve of them, hitching a ride on a coal freight train that had three empty cars. Plenty enough room for a dozen strapping young men traveling 2,000 miles from their farmland homes in Northern Saskatchewan to the big… Read full post »

JANUARY 5, 2010 3:26AM

Open Call. Thank you, Sally Swift

It's been a rough week.
Instead of working, as I should be,
I find myself here, clicking away the night.

And then I clicked Sally's post.
Read This! Then Decide WTF Is Really Important

I clicked through to the life and death post.
And there it was, about halfway down.
My complete undoing;… Read full post »

Misogyny - that's Queen Bitch to YOU

A lot of people seem to think a misogynist is an abusive man.
And it can be.
But not always.

A misogynist is someone that hates women... and
Misogyny also infects women.

Ever heard a woman say "OMG, I like MENZ better than womenz..."
(really?  what about, say, Ted Bundy? You likeRead full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2009 1:25AM

Please Don't Let That Be Footsteps...

I bolt upright, listening.
Were those footsteps? Please don't let that be footsteps.
I peek out the doorway. Grab my robe. Tiptoe down the hallway,
furtively watching for shadows that move. Listening.

Shh. Shh. Barely breathing. 

Silently, I slip into the kitchen, press the button and
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OCTOBER 11, 2009 4:20AM

I'll Give You Something To Cry About...

pressed into the corner
of the closet
hidden behind long
silky party dresses
that smelled of mommy, the
darkness wrapped it's arms
around me like a blanket

silent tears streaming
hotter than the welts
freshly belted into my flesh.
they would heal,
the welts,
faster than my heart,
looking back

His words rin… Read full post »


If you saw a man with no legs in a wheelchair, you wouldn't push him out of the wheelchair and tell him to just freaking walk, would you? Of course not. Clearly, you see that he can not. Seeing is believing, as they say. And thus, the real problem with… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2009 3:53AM

A Tombstone For Mary

I always know when he's thinking. He sits like Rodin's thinker, head in one hand. Lost in thought..

"What are you thinking, Dad?" I asked, sitting down in the high backed deck chair beside him.  It was getting dusky out.

He looked up at me with wide, round milky eyes.… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 28, 2009 2:07AM

Living With Dementia. Miles Before I Sleep.

I can see his bones poking through the back of his shirt as I watch him through the window. He knows I'll work a bit and come back. But sometimes, I pause to watch him as he sits there, enjoying the sun on his skin

It all started in March. Dad's in the hospital, com… Read full post »

JANUARY 8, 2009 12:05AM

look back on laughter, and cry...

If I keep my eyes straight ahead, I won't see it there,
haunting me from the corner of my eye.
The bits of straw under the table overflowing with food.
Tall twisty candles that made little eyes shine.
May I light the candles this year, Mama, may I?

Dad laughing, proudly bringing in… Read full post »

JANUARY 6, 2009 9:27AM

Choosing Among Children?


Corneille will never forget the night she left her aunt's house to fetch water and was attacked and raped. She'd crawled back to her aunt's house and said nothing, ashamed. She says her baby, named Joy, is the only brightness in her future. Corneille is only 13.

Some mothers get… Read full post »

DECEMBER 30, 2008 9:16AM

He's Gone Now, But He Didn't Even...

Al was one of those kids that just couldn't seem to get a break.

He's gone, now, but he didn't even learn to talk until he was almost 4. Didn't do so well in school either.

12 weeks into the first grade, his teacher called his mother and told him… Read full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2008 8:48AM

Public Hanging in America

Rainey Bethea Hanging

At precisely 5:21 a.m., 20 thousand men, women and children parted like the Red Sea to let the young man pass by.

Flanked by deputies and followed by a Catholic priest, Rainey Bethea passed through the crowd. He stopped at the base of the platform to pull on clean… Read full post »

DECEMBER 12, 2008 12:27PM

Is This Heaven?


There's been a lot of "belief" posts recently. Me - my questions are bigger than my beliefs.  One in particular.

I've been asking this question since I was a small child, and no one can answer me. I'm older than dirt now and I still haven't found the… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 30, 2008 3:17PM

For Umbrellakinesis; on Cranky vs Crazy

NOVEMBER 26, 2008 12:54PM

Ego, Ethics & the OS cover. Rant Alert...

 Thanks to Dorinda and Odetteroulette for inspiring this...

Last night, I read Dorinda's post "Writing and Ethics." She said she reminds students that "learning to write and communicate persuasively comes with ethical considerations."

Not a fan of debasing humor, I loved her post. But at t… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 2, 2008 11:39PM

I Liked When the Cover Was Full

I liked when the cover was full.  Yes, it was a special Halloween cover and there were so many good stories.  But beyond that, I always scroll all the way down to read the sidebars and see what's rated, what's new, etc.  And the last half of the trip down the… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 1, 2008 4:30PM

13 Year Old Girl Confirmed Dead

Kicking and screaming in terror, the girl was carried into the stadium. 1,000 onlookers watched as her hands and legs were forcefully bound.

When anguished family members broke from the crowd and ran towards her, the militia opened fire. A small boy was killed.

13 year old  Aisha Ibrahim… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 27, 2008 9:03AM

A Picture Guide For Voters

pocture guide for voters 

Dear Voter - may I suggest that if a color is going to decide your vote, perhaps that color should be green?

Because while you may not be able to see The Big Apple from your window - or from Alaska for that matter - the National Debt Clock in… Read full post »