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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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JANUARY 11, 2013 9:48PM


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  Girl On A Plateau


                     it was
                      the perfect goodbye.
                i just didn’t know it
                              at the time.
              it’s not like the lesson wasn’t there,
                      all along.
                   by chance, we danced of Spirit,
            and raised our voices,
                         but in song.
                       and yes,
                 i can see i did some Penance,
                     in retrospect;
             waking up from quakings
                          that ran through me,
                   from things you said.
                                       but still,
                            i saw a Self-Believer;
                  i never saw a Deceiver.
                                  and i never will.
                      if you wanted to lay money on it,
                         i’d take that bet.
                              the soul you carry
                          says that you’re the True.
                  and yes,
                     it was lovely,
                    knowing the likes of you.
                        i even said,
                              all along,
                      that you brought an answer
              to the song about how Tenderness
                    is hard to find.
                             but it was only a place ~
                                to belong.
                     and belong, i did, for a time,
              even though knowing
                                      that you’re a rogue.
                    i held a wee place.
                           i saw it in your face.
                in your smile;
                     oh yes,
                         so very strong.
                but that smile is yours,
                            and it’s for you.
                   i dare not temper it,
                                                          or tamper with it,
                      or try to imbue a world
      that was not your own Creation.
                                it would only be too easily
                         for the time with you
                          was, simply,
                                             brand new.
               to not be needy, greedy,
                    or grasping,
                                            expecting more;
                to only enjoy the time of Is,
                                      and to explore.
                                    no past.
                        no future.
                    only the Present’s fruit.
               i love that you found your Path,
                                at last.
        and knowing that the Stardust you imparted
                                     is just Truth.
                               i always smile,
                                 but now,
                    even wider than before.
                 your admonishments to carry on
                                   from my own insights
                      were never ignored.
                 and so, you are indelible ~
                          and will never disappear.
                    maybe it was only my Ego
                                      that wanted more,
                        to hear.
                   but then, Life is like that ~
               ends come into play,
                        and things shift,
            when one is waylaid;
                deciphering boundaries,
                             why they were there,
                 and how they will be replaced.
                            always odd to me,
                   how Momentum is built by two.
            the impetus, the impact,
                    of a mutual decision,
                   to go forward,
                    and then how only one
                                becomes separate,
                                       as if under glass.
                   and the other is left --
                neither ever spoke of the lines we drew.
                          but then, i suppose,
                  i too have done this same,
        i’ve no idea of the impact on Others
                   i’ve created,
                       or what they’ve felt.
               i only know you came along ~
                                     within my sight.
                    and for a time,
                 i knew a Rapture,
            carried within what you said is Right.
                         it was an Allowance,
                        a Time,
                          that let me seek, and grow.
                 to bespeak .. new words,
               and of letting go’s ..
                             and that is enduring.
             so, Thank You, for ever,
                         and even - after.
          who knows the Seed we see that pulls us in?
                  yes, often,
                                     it presents as lover,
                     or even friend.
              you just go aloft, in time, in space,
                             seeing only a mutual kind.
                    but then, too ~
                         you never really know what the Other
                               had in mind.
          it matters not to me now,
                            as i leave that place.
              for to pose question to another
                                and expect an answer
                   disallows their Grace.
               the hungers that lurk in your own Within
                    are yours,
                        and yours, only.
               they fruit or wither upon your decisions
          to be blinded or enlightened,
                                 fulfilled, or lonely.
                    so, Thank You,
                       for the visions you allowed.
                 i was indeed a hungry person;
                      i know this now.
                long buried,
                       were the fears i’d held inside.
            and it was only by touch
                       that they emerged;
            my recoils, so startling,
                                so abrupt, my words,
                   that i was floating between
                             the Inner, and the Outer worlds.
        but facing them, the source, the reason,
                    and why,
               brought me to the gate of purging,
                        and emergence, back into Life.
           there is no need to hold them any longer,
                        other Times, and Places,
                            created all that, somehow.
                so yes, of course you came along.
            and ooh! ~ so lovely was your song.
                    the time has come to see you,
                clearly, and strongly
                             within your own Vows.
                   for those Vows are not mine,
                     i only heard them,
                          juxtaposed to my own.
                 and felt them,
                 shimmering whispers...
                        hold on ~
                            or let go.
                      but to not engage the question at all
                    released the power of the Present
                        you presented,
                      that of being known.
          yes, it’s true that i was awash in your ways.
                          your own Logic piqued my own,
                                  but ~
                                         it’s only Me i can save.
                  i know i asked you to understand,
                         wanted a common language
                   built by our own hands.
                        yours, the Boy’s,
                               mine, the Girl’s,
                      simply, clasped,
                    i did not ask for Teacher,
                    or to be Student,
                        i only asked for Grace.
            i loved the where, the time,
                        the things i found,
                    already in Place.
                                       a soul is a soul,
                not something we can even touch.
                  but it is there, nonetheless,
           and only Some will allow you that much.
                      i saw,
                        and felt, in you,
                     a kindred kind.
          i will always know you gave what you could,
                           ~ at least for a time.
                        it doesn’t belong to me,
                    i only yielded.
                        i saw, i touched,
                     and entered a new realm of feelings.
                where enough can just be -
               where admissions, admonitions,
                             aspersions and exaltations
                    can all be discussed.
                              but only you can choose
                          to show or shield it,
                   hide, allow,
                           or anything you say you must.
          it does not depend on me;
                           only you can give it ~
                      or take it away.
             all i know is the Spell you spent here,
                                 in this Place,
                  spoke the message that the best i can do                                                                                        is to not question,
            but to simply relinquish your Embrace.
                             and perhaps your kiss,
                                   as you took your leave,
                     echoed a small, felt tether,
                           emitted by me
                            from the longing inside
                         to stay together,
                       and you could not abide.
                      Heaven knows i’m not likely as clear
                                as i hope to be.
            but to know Joy even exists in Another -
                                   is Joy, enough.
         to come so close says come in or bow out,
                    by breath,
                        by touch.
                we know our own Selves
                                  by the reactions we create.
            and the ignition of the cognition that we,
                  you and i made,
              only speaks that that lovely,
                            Ephemeral thing,
                                      we name as Love.
                     i could choose to feel anything i like;
                     i could feel Foolish,
                      but that would only
                               wound my Pride.
            no, i choose to not feel much of anything,
                       but time,
                                           and Place.
               it was just a something so full of Glee,
                  i suppose it could not Remain.
                    we did so well.
          to be within, while still being Without.
              the busy-signal of the Universe
                                 was just there.
                                  No ill.
                                                   No doubt.
                        so i don’t know yet what will be
                                     the next Plateau.
            i only know i found a flooring,
                           upon which to grow.
                           for, if You came along,
                                      then, wow! ~
                        what could be next for me?
                  i only know it grows,
                                               and changes,
                 what we hold ..
                      and let go of,
                only brings us closer still
                     to the next thing we’re ready for,
          without ever even having to project,
                        expect ~
                                  or Will.
                     but, Aaah...
               we none know what goes on,
                         we only characterize what we see,
             and what we perceive.
       but to come so very close, inside an Align,
                          is to me,
                     a signal,
                     a sign,
            of the more, and the morass
        that God only has the power to design.
                 i love my Life so well;
                     it holds me True.
              i have been granted a power
                             that i do my best to only imbue
       with the laughter of the ridiculous,
                          mingled with the tears
                   of knowing Sin.
               and a longevity that grants me many,
                              many more begins.
                       for a long time,
               i wondered where i was supposed to land.
                                 but  ~
                        maybe that’s not for me?
                             maybe ..
                       i can only come back
                                   to the Place
                     where i began.

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Wow! Boy, I miss your beautifully serene writing. Good to see you again, Songbird. R
Oh, Thoth, how lovely to see you, too. Thank you ever so much for liking my work; it comes, but steadily still! For so long, there were no notices, no ways to post, so - it just moves about in there I guess, and comes out as each plateau does. Sure is fun!
War & Peace, the Poem~Just kidding~I loved it. I think I've been there and now I'm wondering about days long past. Thank you~
Hi, Scans .. Yes, she does go on, doesn't she?! "Being there" is something I think I've thought, and written about, for far too many a moon. To have the feeling of having arrived, landed there, is actually quite elating! Thanks for relating!
Perfect tag, perfect photo, perfect poem ~ in a word ~ transcendent.

Wooow. Thanks, Eyespye .. It's -- exactly how I feel. A hugeness has run through me, shaking me around quite a bit in passing, but all the glimmers of all the adages and tools I ever knew rattled up as well, enabling me to heal all that, and now, I just - feel - exactly as you said -- Transcendent!! It feels reeeaally good, so thanks, soooo, so so much!!
Fantastically moving...

Algis..you doll! .. Um.. may I have another? Ha! xox
I love the presentation, it makes the words sizzle. I love the direct first person narrative, true indeed throughout. This will be one of my Songbird favorites.
rated with love
Thank you so much, Poetess! I guess I didn't realize it was first-person personal, but yes, it is a tale of my experience. It was intense in it's lengthy briefness, and now I just feel gratitude that when the insight came about my reactions, a person presented that let all that actuate. C'est la vie, and all that. I'm here now, and the better for it! Love and thanks.