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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:36PM


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Life Is Balance~Alight Is Allowance

seek not for time
that went before;
seek only it’s portal,
the new, opening door.

all that comes
holds evers and afters;
anything gained
is forever captured.

embrace, distill,
and carry it forth;
change and meld
by each new source.

enough is best,
the present yields;
think as you are,
you are as you feel.

give what you have,
accept what’s returned;
the essence of nuance
is in how you discern.

it takes time to know
how a person enacts
the things they want,
and try to extract.

pulling at fingertips
is not an embrace;
only words, and gestures
depict your place.

compassion’s key
allows you to allow
each One you encounter
to be who they are, now.

longevity only speaks
when a pattern imbues
the inner Self that comes
by each facet being true.

fear not for deception,
for only your own take
will present the picture
that you choose to make.

periphery allows;
what shows is - just yours.
disarry or refinement,
what you love, or abhor.

any second, or moment,
or day, or year,
will continue to reward,
by love, by tears.

what you utter, flutters,
and brings Life your way.
every thought, every visage,
is only a wish away.

so live in the Spell
you, yourself, create.
and revel, dispell;
be silent, or relate.

all good things
come in time.
and time is a wisp,
here, gone, entwined.

They just know the ropes.

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That's an atrial flutter...the good kind; reads beautifully. R
Thank you, Thoth! -- Pitty-pat.. pitty-pat..
You are a marvel. This work is sublime....r
Thank you much, Michelle!
this makes me want to whisper....r
Wow, to whisper. Thank you so much, Hugs, Me - I consider that a very lovely compliment!
Such a peaceful repose, Mz. Songbird. A calm that breathes acceptance over resignation ... the ultimate world of living in the "now" and oft times blindly walking the road that's in front of you until your path is revealed.

Revelation of sorts in that this elegant poem suggests what I believe to be true ... we too often judge ourselves by our intentions while others judge us by our actions. Thinking isn't doing ... our spirit remains caged until the pink stains of our struggle to maintain what we "believe" to be true are washed away through action.

~R~ Gorgeous, goregous, goregous poem
Nice food for thought there, Spye. Thanks! What you said about intentions is true for me as well. If you are, be, and enact -by- your intentions, they usually come out as true. But I have come across those who bristle at reactions, the argument being, 'well, that was not my intention!' -- So, for me, I just say, 'well, you do get to be the director of your intentions. But ya don't get to be the director of how they're received!' And it has also almost always come to be that those folks had an ulterior motive. I think they just don't like gettin' busted for it.
Goodness I've so missed your poetry
Read, felt and enjoyed
Aww! Hi, sweet M.C. I too, a bit of missing. But then, Life happens too, doesn't it. It comes. And I guess it just comes as it will. The hitch with the site being gone for a while just sorta worked for me, and now it's back - I seem to be following suit. Love seeing you, doll. Thanks, so much.
wonderful to read your wise rhymes again.
this vibrates from the top to the tag.
thanks for takin' me to bird school ~