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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 3:25AM


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Reach Teaches

Money gives you Place to maneuver,
but actions speak louder than words.
You can Lord over, or project to whenever,
but what is gambled is also what is splurged.

Just as words not spoken can try to be example,
some get it, follow suit  - -  and some do not.
It depends on the commodity you deal with;
do you have Spirit - or do you have Want?

Want is a hunger we all know;
we want trappings, acceptance, and praise.
But the need they come from, is, Spirit -
the longing to know our Place.

We chance, we dance, we weave in and out,
some times by silence, in our listening hearts;
and sometimes by speech, to reach our endeavor,
it all depends on where you set your mark.

We can behave like greedy, selfish children,
or we can be givers, here - you can have mine.
But knowing the lifespeak that belongs only to you
is, actually, the only one that makes you fine.

I’m enticed by things that are offered.
But I also wonder on what price I will pay.
And if it is given freely,
or if it’s just a lynchpin to make me sway.

I see gullibility as a hunger.
I see grasping as a gasping for ‘More.’
Ads and fads blather out at us,
as if the present presented will even the score.

Have this! - and you will be famous.
or - Have that! - and you’ll reach your peak.
But Want has a life, and impetus of it’s own,
and to enter there actually keeps it out of reach.

Contentment is the panacea that stops the hunger.
To embrace, to cherish what you gain.
To know that flux is the crux of Creation,
because nothing ever stays the same.

You only have to ask a question:
Is this mine?  ..  Or is this yours?
To learn discernment between the two is answer,
and stops the beating and bleating at your door.

It’s a choice to fall for a sales pitch.
Be it in love, in commodity, or Spirit.
To be swayed to another’s ways is doubtful;
the anchor of Self will simply not hear it.

So don’t heed anyone’s need to change your Self;
don’t succumb, even if you think maybe you should.
For only you bear of the expanse of your experience,
and you can never be too honest for your own good.

Transcendence In Red
by Stephen Carroll

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refrain, refrain, sing it again

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Your final stanza is overwhelmingly powerful. The entire poem - a beautifully constructed cautionary tale. It's always so inspirational to visit here. Thank you. R
Thank you, Michelle! It's always interesting to me how things change in relations; often, the very thing that seems to attract someone to you becomes the very thing they peck at later. This was a musing on that.
I am still trying to find that magical tea you drink. Beautiful piece, Songbird. R
Thankee, Thoth! That must be it then!! It's that tea!! Who knew?
Oooooh! Too many synapses firing in my brain right now to post a coherent comment ... I so enjoy and admire how you can take a single thread and stitch a pattern that reveals a textured evolution of both the Universal and personal Self. Thought provoking and intimate ~ raw, real and confident.

~R~ So very well done.
Eyespye, thank you so very much - of course I'd like to be all those things!
@Songbird ~ what I don't think you realize is that you ARE all of those things ... and then some ~ so happy to be in your frame.