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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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OCTOBER 23, 2013 4:32AM


 Octo - Kinetic Sculpture by Anthony Howe

the world has become encased in large,
plexiglass tubes.
movies and books are mainly
about ..
things in the News?
extreme focus on one part of
News in the Lead;
at least,
that how it’s appearing to me. 

i think we should all just make up some
new verbs.
you know - action/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 18, 2013 12:36AM


Yer Ice In The Hole; As They Say

You can’t fix anything you think is Awry
until you know it exists.
Some times it has to smack ya in the face
before you’re even aware of it.

If you touch Poison Ivy and get a blister,
then dig, scratch, maybe even bleed,
there’s your call to say uh-oh,
and it/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 16, 2013 4:46AM

For The Time Being

What's On Your Mind
Interesting image.

Maybe we should require all Congressfolks
to have a dollar bill stuck to their foreheads
so they have to "look around" it all the time.

Think they'd look around?  



Maybe not.

I kinda dig the white Goddesses
on the forehead there;
looks like they're/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 10:12PM


The Knowing

sifting, blending, melding, bending;
oh, the things we create with our Lives.

seeing, being, giving, receiving,
what we purport, and what we hold, inside.

manners, nuance, projection, expectation,
knowing what we want to receive.

trial, error, rejection, favor;
wha/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 12:53AM

She Lives Here


i think i may have touched a nerve.
a succinct,
without my knowing..
i opened a possibility ~
into the absurd.

i spoke a Truth,
that is becoming, more, and more,
cognizant to me.

and the Reaction i get is -
not to want to know? 
or even perceive?

to scream even/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 9:50PM



when you say things,
place them where they will be Heard.
you get to pick and choose them,
be they whispers, or alerts.

just know your target’s aim,
and just what you wish to Claim.
or speak not,
for it will only interfere with your Words.

be mindful of what you Wish/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 5:57PM

Hear Me

The Silence Responds

how do you see your Self, from outside?
how do you hone who you want to be?
how do you become aware of the cognizance
of what others around you see?

i think it may be by Listening.
instead of just watching, like fools.
you can only create your own/… Read full post »
AUGUST 30, 2013 8:07AM

Chin Up

God Girl

thinking ahead with your chin held down is a bit counter-productive. 
if you can’t see where you’re going, you just don’t know where you might end up. 
if you do look ahead, the Horizon appears,
and the wonders of Imagination
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AUGUST 15, 2013 1:16PM

The Glowing

Rise To Shining

the impetus of Passion
has its ebb, and its flow.
it takes two to tango, or to tangle,
fast, soft, or slow.

but it also takes two
to truly engage,
and when only one leads the dance,
it just, slowly fades.

interplay is a grace
that sweetly combines
the forces from the/… Read full post »
AUGUST 4, 2013 7:33AM


Free The Cage

nothing is Immediate,
by force, wit, or course.
time is the rapture
that begins the capture
of your own Source.
and if you capture,
where is the Release?
the hunter is your own Self,
the Hunted;
it will tell you what you Believe.

the Truth is the proof that
fills in the cr/… Read full post »
JULY 31, 2013 1:24AM


Resourceful Girl Flies, Of Course

my life is like a series of snapshots.
instants, sublime, poignant, and unexpected.
the fruits of my labor, drunken in,
and my intentions, spewed out, and rejected.

Strong Woman seems to be an oxymoron,
and we won’t speak of politik belief.
i see the battle b/… Read full post »
JULY 28, 2013 4:25AM


Waterspout of Wonder

the dichotomy between Belief and Believing
is the conundrum of all mankind.
it lies right there, before us,
what we perceive, as yours, or mine.

we are given the keys to the Universe
at the moment of birth, as we slither in.
with senses abruptly firing,
liquid to air, t/… Read full post »
JULY 2, 2013 3:33AM

Heaven & Country Laments

   Water Makes Bones

the problem with Religion,
and country laments,
is that it places God,
and Heaven -

it’s a destination.
and trials must be won and lost
in order to get there.

isn’t it so much more fun,
and embracing,
and life-giving,
to just - hav/… Read full post »
JUNE 25, 2013 11:58PM


Girl With Scythe-Henry Bacon

longevity is only brevity;
it comes in increments, and seconds, held within.
you live, you learn, and endeavor;
you try, you sigh, you begin, again.

how many tasks are are your hands?
what things lie all over the table?
a little pile here - a little pile there,
put in front, to get/… Read full post »
JUNE 21, 2013 10:53PM


The Flock


Resilience is not resistance.
It is the bending, and swaying of your mind.
The let-ins .. let-outs, and how you play them,
with only your purpose to guide your Place and Time.

Resilience can be seen as beleaguered,
or as that person who allows too much.
From that, you only get a pack-ho/… Read full post »

JUNE 18, 2013 1:52AM


 The Blue Road


impetus, movement, conveyance, talk.
come, go;
hitch a ride, take a walk.

vehicle is purpose, fight, flight.
instant gift,
the next Moment in sight.

myriad firings of instantanosity,
more laborous to know
than the time it takes to just Be.

taken for granted,
limbs responding to thought;
r/… Read full post »

JUNE 8, 2013 12:14AM


Bird Brain

Discernment is the key to the Universe.
It allows going forward, sideways, in circles, or in reverse.
It brings all the things you’ve ever known,
and all the things you’ve embraced as your own,
to play with, waylay with, and create what you intone.

The gift o/… Read full post »
MAY 18, 2013 5:09AM

They Say Grackles Come Around

Bird Girl - Maia Flore

  Life’s so sweet;
  in a heartbeat, a new view comes in,
                a person,
     &n/… Read full post »
MAY 11, 2013 11:59PM



Willing is an everything.
Opening the gate.
To see, to be,
to accept a fate.

What do I Will? ..
To walk! ~ I want my stride.
Knowing these long legs,
what they’ve given me, inside.

The strangeness of my balance,
the tiny mechanism, cracked;
just gone askew,
and my stal/… Read full post »
MAY 6, 2013 7:18PM


Day-William Adolphe Bouguereau-1884

I am the keeper of all I’ve known.
I carry it with me, inside.
Years and moments, all rapt in me,
a source of my light and pride.

Of late I’ve let go many things,
of necessity - and of want.
Having come to a place of stillness,
knowing what I have, and what I/… Read full post »
APRIL 13, 2013 10:20PM

One Wish



she wants to see where she can be,
when she comes out.
i picked this picture, because i like this girl,
who seems to be without dout.

i put her picture by my bed,
where i now keep scents and musics that lead to where i want to be led,
i am hyper-aware of what/… Read full post »

APRIL 12, 2013 8:10PM


HEALING-Butterflies Feeding

bright Light,
sing again tonight,
take me along for the ride.

shine on me,
set my Spirit free,
let me discern, dispell, decide.

each heartbeat’s sigh
says come here, inside
nestle up, with pillows and fire.

tiny beams, allies,
feeling my way, by stride,
only internall/… Read full post »
APRIL 10, 2013 8:51PM

All Thumbs

Attics To Eden~Madina Lake

thumbs are not my favorite things
to be Underneath;
‘strong woman’ is an oxymoron to men.
just as ‘grown man’ is to women,
you can end it there ~ or you can begin.

there is no such thing as having Control;
there only exists the conception of Di/… Read full post »
APRIL 6, 2013 10:01PM

Little Birds

My Beloved, Maligned Starling

the birdies have taught me patience.
and oooh, so much about grace.
i took to them, as little pets,
maybe to dispel that young disgrace.

i said something in one of my poems,
and a reply came from both Tg and Blindream:
that they too, in youth,/… Read full post »
APRIL 4, 2013 2:20PM

Pearl Woman

 Pearl Woman 


why is it there is a ‘balance of power,’
when there is no balance at all?
balance is what you do on a tightwire,
a decision, between meek, and bold.

balance is not a show-off.
balance is a thing you present.
the see-saw in your hips that keeps you moving,
standing… Read full post »