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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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MARCH 4, 2015 12:30AM

The Fifth Element

Anuruddah's Eye

angers are best received
by taking responsibility.
for no thing can be changed,
or even re-arranged,
if it is not in your power to leave.

the nugget some times comes
within tears.
when you cry, a voice emerges,
with all your fears.

what is it, underneath?
what i/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 25, 2015 12:47AM

Smoky Dives

Smoky Dives-PB by Jay

I'm just a girl from the inner city
where I was raised to see
that a dictionary under my pillow
was better than shed teeth.

I knew all the dusty five-and-dimes
and the makes and models of the cars
and the clink of glasses and guffaws of laughter
coming out of/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 19, 2015 1:08AM


Spine's Remembrace
You don’t always know what you hold
in your hands
until it turns another way.
Possibilities, inside your Self
that you didn’t even know
you were giving away.

Enough is plenty,
not too little or too much;
always perfect,
each moment, just right.
You w/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 11, 2015 12:24AM

Art Is Try

Succession-Rick Blackburn

artistry is grace
more than you know,
the knowing of what comes into place

concentration allows the stoppage
of static thought,
and allows time to undulate.

firings of thoughts
enact what is exacted upon a page,
processes, inside, allow them to be displayed.

the timene/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 9, 2015 12:28AM


To Let Go Is To Go Let

i can only be as good as someone will let me
even if letting me be my best means letting go.
for anything and everything i know thus far
can’t be taken; it’s mine forever now, you know.

the good girl i am means i’m good to anyone
in and of/… Read full post »
JANUARY 29, 2015 3:49PM


Outside The Lines, Taken By Surprise
(A Little Prayer)

I would rather be alluring
than to lure you.
I’d like to stay in the in-between
of begins and ends.
For I like this way we have of not knowing;
just passing into the what Ever that comes next.

I would rather have you arrive
when you/… Read full post »
JANUARY 19, 2015 1:09PM

The White Space

The White Space
It is this way,
because it came about.

JANUARY 15, 2015 2:39AM


The Inside Edge

this Acrobàtie is begging for a piece of work from me,
she strills me so.
she’s quite a piece’a work herself,
and lookit ~
she sure doesn’t have to tell ya so.

Un balancè,
una Grace,
upended like that, and on a knife’s tip, too;
wha/… Read full post »
JANUARY 13, 2015 4:07AM


The Personal Realm

i like the sweetness of patience;
knowing that once something occurs,
it can never be changed.

to take the time it takes to make
any and all the somethings
you like, to remain.

once a Known occurs,
you can never
un-know it.

once something is Met,
it can never
be un-met.

eve/… Read full post »
JANUARY 12, 2015 1:11PM

Say it, or it will burst without you.

Spirit Can Only Echo

I don't know what all I am thinking here,
but I have this place, this page,
to come clear.

headlines, so mal-aligned,
with the Truths I know,
and hold dear,

are at odds, wits,
and even occasional embracements,
as I continue to steer.

the silence of/… Read full post »
JANUARY 4, 2015 12:40AM


Mind's Eye

otherances are the utterances
that come in,
loud, and clear.

the purportment of Other’s ways that usurp
the things you’d prefer
in your ears.

the fallow, hollow, plea underneath
is sometimes so icky
you don’t want to align.

what they sound/… Read full post »
JANUARY 1, 2015 10:05PM




what falls behind are just fragments,
pieces of a whom you might have been.
by having fallen away they’re just memories,
little facets of what chance can begin.

when losses come, we mourn them,
but mostly for the possibilities that no longer remain.
and we ebb to remembrance befo… Read full post »
DECEMBER 25, 2014 11:57PM

Working Against Strength

Intuition's Dancer

when Strength is changed
and your body rearranges,
you know the dynamics of thrust.
but you have to skew what you knew
when you had the Strength to do
the simplest things you must.

framing a picture, with a mat,
is easy, when you exact
how the edges are/… Read full post »
DECEMBER 23, 2014 4:52PM


'Willow'-by Beth DeWitt

i no longer have to practice that bloody stare.
i no longer have to keep him residing in some Where.
for the There that was, was only what i surmised.
i tried, i let him In;
and i’d just tried to Share.

now i hear he’s gone along, into/… Read full post »
DECEMBER 8, 2014 7:20PM


Ribbon Tower

hoariness abounds; it surrounds us.
Exaltation is hard to find.

unless and until you can envision it,
it will not emerge, or even come to mind.

news, fashion, flashed out with encumbrance
are the actions depicted in time and place.

so usual, hence accepted, like a li/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 29, 2014 9:45AM


The Somnambulist-Mia Araujo

i think that we iterate that which we hear --
all of the things that spill into our ears
the portal to balance, it lies in our heads
the vibrations inform us, let us know where we’re led

our very bones and sinew resound
with reaction to the space we/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 19, 2014 1:41PM


The Ephemeral Eternity of Emergence

if you don’t know what a female body looks like
by the time you’re about 5,
well then, god help ya.

and help will indeed be needed, later on,
if the embodiment of your own Creation
becomes the object of your hell yeah.

the Wellspring of life is called Mot/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 10:30PM


Bequeathment So Dear

i am not an Against;
i am a With.
at least in thought, and action,
therein i do my best.

the clattering clamour for placement
is displacement to me.
the constant cacophony of hoary images
is not News,
just the same old Repeat.

what to skirt is obvious;
what to embrace/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 14, 2014 1:37AM


(--> stepstep)
the Circle of living
lives as the circle of Life.

in and out, just as breath,
over which We preside.

one part of an All,
joining and releasing, together;

separately dependent,
earth, air, fire, water, forever.

your wish is your Command,
as a Genie or Sa/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 2, 2014 1:29AM


Who's The Skirt

skirt the trouble and skip the lipstick
for untoward comments
you have nothing to do with.

disengage, stay away,
when your feelings’ alarm
says another lays in wait.

askance, even a glance,
at what chances to come by
informs your Spirit to stay, or step aside.

interp/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 28, 2014 10:46PM


Imagination's Ritual

for i must be the Snake,
of the Eve,
of the Bite.
the impetus, the image,
proceeded, and succeeded,
upon that Belief
in my life.

evil. eeeevile, the enemy,
the .. Spar?
the open gate,
that leaves Living ajar.

come in, come in,
there is much here to explore.
find/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 11, 2014 12:00AM


Aim the Assumption

aim is the direction
of what you’d like to envision,
and aim is learning to purport that perception
into the lifeblood you conceive,
and by which connection, you receive,
and therein  - echoing back
your own Refined directions.

purpose is in the stalwart embodi/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 4:08AM


Awash in Waving Wonders
(Mi Kian)

and still,
waters run deep.
they are
our very underneath.
we cannot live without them,
but they will surely be fine without me.

what lies in the layers below us
are more important than what we see,
for without her in there,
taking the granted for care,
we could/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 12:03AM


  Spirit Only Echos The Known

i can’t imagine anything other than what i got.
the guidance, aplomb, and comradrie given was more than i sought.
in Life, as all the Others left,
it was all left to me, instead,

and my Lot is sorting and purporting every voice that made the Me/… Read full post »
Knowing The Unknown

once you become a blank canvas,
you can never go back to being wrought.
verbage makes little matter;
the blather does not lead to thought.

for the words are only there to sway you,
to opine you, or make you believe.
it matters not, once you’ve left there;
it matters/… Read full post »