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JUNE 17, 2009 11:16PM

"David Letterman Will Mouth-Rape Your Children"

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Apparently, the last word on the whole David Letterman-Sarah Palin fiasco hasn't been said yet...





For a while, I was ready to give up on bashing these kinds of people: so-called "conservatives" who are really nothing more than closed-minded, group-think Bible Thumpers who accept everything Fox News and other similar media outlets spoon-feed them. Bashing these kinds of people is like clubbing baby seals to death; easy to do, but, after a while, you grow queasy of the whole exercise.

 I'm so glad to know the Ridiculous Right came out in full force...because I feel like bashing some baby seals again...

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I love your Author Tags....they perfectly describe your shit city and your shit attitude.
that basketball player rodriguez....this seems like somebody made it up. sarah's crowd are definitely of a particular type. the dim and the furious....
wow, these people are ready for a government censor to run out and muffle folks live on tv!
Reminds me of Code Pink in PETA red...
Damn, I must admit that I just watched this video and these people do remind me of Code Pink....imagine that Republicans without opposing thumbs.....must have been separated from a Lib at birth....
Thanks for your *ahem* commentary, TS. I'd rather have my shit attitude than to proudly demonstrate my ignorance and my knee-jerk reaction to things that are completely irrelevant.

And while we're at it, Code Pink and PETA are just as fucking ridiculous. So we've agreed on one thing, it seems.
Maybe they should let Letterman be knocked up by A-Rod.
"How dare he talk about someone's child when he has a bastard son and a slut wife?" Priceless.

Even better - I don't watch those shows, "I only watch Fox News."

Thanks for making me throw up a little in my mouth.
I know I should be laughing, but these mobs make me feel extremely anxious. I think I get hives around lack of reason. I mean, what exactly does the woman in yellow mean when she says we should close our borders for 20 years and clean our houses and then the economy will be fine? What the hell kind of conflation is going on in her mind between Letterman's ill advised joke and either immigration or the economy? Honestly, I can't watch stuff like this. Baby seals, get out of my way before I hurt you.
I didn't know David Letterman had so much power. Immigration, socialism, did you know Letterman had so much power on our society? huh.
I can't watch the crazy. I've already had my minimum daily requirement of the insane and stupid.

If it wasn't so typical, it would be amazing that so small an incident, a tasteless joke by a comedian, can be inflated to these dimensions. Actually, it's more than a little scary...needing to reach for something to react against, in order to dredge up all their issues and grudges.
Most of 'em look like they've got no lives. Give 'em a break...and let 'em rant. If you can't get a few yukks out of this...your sense of humor is broken.
Not that I eat at their lousy restaurant, but Olive Garden decided to pull their ads from Letterman.
Did that one woman say "at a basketball game"? These people don't even know what they are talking about. And calling Letterman's son a bastard, what do they call Palins grand kid?
It's fun to laugh. It's fun to shrug off the "crazies". But with Dr. Tiller, and the Mr. Johns, the guard from the Holocaust Museum, and the father and 9-year-old murdered down in South Arizona yesterday (by White Supremicists/Border Controllers) - I think we gotta pay closer attention.

Here, in case you're not familiar with the AZ case:

The man at the 1:32 mark = frighteningly racist!
So, BRILLIANT T.S., you believe that after all the raping of our country by your guys over the last 8-years that David Letterman's joke about Bristol Palin (NOT Willow) deserves all of this Palin induced attention? I think that perfectly suits YOUR shit attitude and all like you.
"must have been separated from a Lib at birth...."
Yeah, you're pure class... We can all see that along with your beautiful chest displayed like Travolta in '77.
I like the lady at 1:29 who asks, "where are you guys from?" I'd like to to know too so I can avoid that neighborhood. This is funny AND scary. Perfect demonstration of what Schmuck means.
The clips I saw from the street in front of the Ed Sullivan reminded me identically of Palin's rallys, same bunch of sweet, well-educated geniuses.
Before I die I want to club a baby seal.
Leno told more jokes about Bristol Palin than Letterman did. Conan told the most.
I have to say...some of those people seem for real and others seem like it's a put-on. I'm wondering if some of this is performance, perhaps done by Dave-supporters. Some are too perfectly ridiculous. Others have the sloppy ring of truth.

What is your cave like? Electricity? (solar, I hope) Heat?

Hey, INTELLIGENCE IS OVER RATED? you seem serious, too. News for you, Democrats do have a monop0ly on intelligence in America. It is so funny to hear right wingers bitch about how smart all the intellectual college professors are as if that was holding us back somehow .... hahahahahaha. Face facts, 99.9999 of all professors are liberal, precisely because they are smart. Oh, and Red State politicians, well most went to Red State colleges, if they went. Yeah, Liberty U, that bastion of knowledge, it really is a close 2nd to MIT. And, Lettermen is an idiot? Well, 30 years of TV success and 100's of millions of dollars earned- Man, that is my kind of idiot! Top Ten is a national institution too. wow, lau lau.
"I love your Author Tags....they perfectly describe your shit city and your shit attitude."

Gee. Someone seems to have forgotten what happened to that "shit city" on September 11, 2001. Why do they hate America?

Hey TS, you should start wearing gloves to prevent scraping the backs of your hands from all that knuckle dragging.

I bet that f%#@ing hurts like a bastard!

But then again, you're a big bad-ass wingnut - you can take it!

G. Gordon Liddy-style!!!!!

Woo hoo!
Olive Garden sucks anyway. God I hate that place. Plastic food. That's all I have to say.
There's a guy on FB who forwarded a list of all of Letterman's sponsors, their officials including emails, thanking them for their continued support. I did my duty-- If you're interested in the list, send me a PM.

The people in the video are nuts and it embarrasses me to even watch it.
Sorry I haven't commented until now...especially since I watched this video yesterday...but I just now stopped laughing.
Letterman should include these people in his "Stupid Human Tricks"....

I'm always amazed at the extreme hypocrisy.

:) Well, in this case :(...
I'm with Lainey - this kind of material is disturbing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this country is showing signs of a mass hysteria, a kind of entrenched mob insanity that is extremely dangerous. Distorted, delusional belief systems based on some kind of bizarre, unenlightened and unresolved emotional construct. It won't take too many more catastrophes to see a new form of fascism reemerge.
This is the funniest post I've read in a long time.
Leave them alone! If they don't come out from under their rocks, then we'll never know who they are!

Palin and her herds of sociopaths need to stay in the public eye, so that we can be reminded of her potential to actually be in our White House (or in the House, or in the Senate) someday.

Vote for Palin in 2012! She'll insure that everyone, especially Gay America, has their full rights, for sure!

I mean it. The voters are that stupid as a whole.

Let those sick clowns serve as a constant reminder that we will all share the blame if they get into any positions of real power.

We let it happen in 2001 (Ralph Nader) and 2004 (Kerry), and we're just self interested and politically self destructive enough to let it happen again.
Ummmm.... not "Everyone in the country"... but then again, I'm an open border loving socialist...
Howling. It is unimaginable these people exist in today's society but again after witnessing all the chaos that is happening today this really shouldn't surprise me. The lady that calls his wife a "slut" is unbelievable. It really is a fine line between humor and insanity.