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November 03
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I am an avid photographer and traveler living in the Washington DC area. My photo is obviously not me, because I am a white male and not a monk, and is one of my favorite pictures from a trip to Myanmar.


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SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 2:55PM

Adventures on the road in Northern Laos - part 2-moved

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I am tired of wrestling with the Open Salon interface and will be moving my posts elsewhere.  The photo posts will go on my own blog at and the others will end up somewhere else tbd.

As I move the posts, I will put a redirect in place of the text. Thanks for the reads and comments. I will always be at my own site and I welcome any visits to the pictures or the blog posts.

I hope that enough people leave to shock Salon into doing something to make the situation better.

Best wishes,


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Wonderful x2. A small thought about the comment, upon reflection I did happen upon the idea that the only way to enjoy these types of travel would be to immerse yourself in the moment, not so far away from what you shared here. Meeting people along the way and sharing experiences that are once in a lifetime appears to be doing just that. Willingness to go with the natural flow of one's surroundings, and you seem to have captured that perfectly.
I would truly rad a book of your travels as they are not ordinary photos scenes. They have a living soul in them.
Rated with hugs
I'm so glad you're writing this - it's so amazing to take this journey in words. I know this will probably sound strange, but one of the most impressive things about this article for me was the photo of the bathroom; I have friends who love to travel around this region and they always tell me horror stories (for me) about the bathroom situations. But this one looks clean. Other than that, just a great post. How sad about the man from the trekking agency. I'm glad you took the photo of the posted announcement on his door. It sort of commemorates him. Rated.
Congrats on second EP, very well deserved.
the kitchen and laundry remind me of some in central america. again, your photographs of the children just stun me with their beauty. it seems that competing with the government is bad for one's health.
Another stupendous post. Thanks again for sharing your journey. As for the photos of the toilet-- that's deluxe, with the tilework!
This post should disclose that it is years out of date. Sompawn Khantisouk was kidnapped 23 January 2007! And he is not Chinese, as anyone can see from his face. Other facts are wrong too but at least be open about the date you were there. Lots has changed in LNT since then.

Since this not breaking news or an expose, the date didn't seem critical but yes it was 2007. I didn't know the man's name, I had been in the very front of the shop looking mostly out the window while my companion talked with him and I eventually walked across the street to the Internet Cafe and sat out front having coffee. The only missing poster I saw was in Lao so I was not able to read it. Whatever his nationality, he went missing and it was disturbing.
Nice post. Been there have very similar experienced and enjoy every moment of it.
Just FYI every 4th of July weekends there is a huge festival at Wat Lao, Virginia. Authentic lao food, lives band check it out.
Once i slipped across the border from Mukdahan , Thailand into Sawannaket, LoasPDR. I envy your extended stay. The people are wonderful and kind. I love being the object of the delight they have at meeting foreigners. When you meet people who are overjoyed at being among their family and all the simple perfect things that make life worthwhile you understand that it is easy to be happy if you don't need more than love and peace. They seem to carry that with them.