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AUGUST 21, 2012 12:40PM

Israel calms down while Iran continues to posture

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Two articles online this morning present the two situations quite neatly.

The article in Foreign Policy avers that the potential for an Israeli strike is minimal due to recent actions on the part of some Israeli politicians.

The President, Shimon Peres, and former Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, spoke out separately, clearly and definitively against a first strike now, saying that it was a bad choice and questioned the sense of Netanyahu for thinking about it.

The article is terse and complete and bears reading.


At the same time, Reuters has an article describing Iran's release of information on six new weapons, powerful rockets, all named as guaranteed to reach and destroy Israel.

Just as Israel is being calmed, Iran is stirring the political pot.

Now tell me again, just which side wants a war?



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As usual, thanks for keeping us updated on this.
What always gives me solace is the fact that those with the power to make decisions in Iran, i.e. the Mullahs, are not martyrs. In fact, I believe they will never take ANY action that MIGHT be portrayed as hostile against Israel. Meanwhile, they can talk all they want. Thank you for the links. R
Thanks you two.
I freely admit that I do this kind of post to make certain that the usual clique of reflexive anti-Israel posters here on OS can't avoid the facts they so desperately want to.
Has anybody called this Hate Speech yet?
uh-oh, kosh, it wasn't hate speech until you said that. when you wake up tomorrow your blog will have vaporized.
The answer to your question is Israel.
Alaska Progressive,
An answer like that with nothing to back it up won't persuade anyone of anything.
Alaska Progressive,
An answer like that with nothing to back it up won't persuade anyone of anything.
How's this:
Headline: Netanyahu Determined to Attack Iran Before US Elections

Your first comment is a non-starter.
Why do you suggest that someone wants to call this hate-speech?
Without backing that up you won't persuade anyone.

Your last comment is also a non-starter.
You know, of course, that Alaska has its sources.
And indeed: a few minutes later there's the confirmation.

So, Just by mentioning a source you have persuaded?

You can read Foreign Policy, you can read The Nation.
You can read Reuters, you can read All Jazeera.

And then?

So, the title of this post, which is a conclusion rather than a question - and does make the question to readers a rhetorical one - is a monstrosity.

The traveler’s sources persuade the traveler’s comrade's.
Look at the comment of Barbara Joanne: “thanks for keeping us updated on this”.

Alaska's sources will persuade Alaska's comrade's.

The problem of Hanging Minds?

My suggestion: to take pains yourself, go to the kiosk, and buy Foreign Policy and the NYT, as well as The Nation and Counterpunch, to mention a few, instead of saying "I'm updated now" after being informed by a very selective "headliner".
I asked about Hate Speech because the last time Traveler posted about this topic, Safe Bet's Amy called it hate speech.

I'm not crazy enough to make this stuff up.

That Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran is no secret. Traveler's first link is to an article stating that he has shrinking flexibility to do so due to growing and public opposition within the Israeli government. Netanyahu wants to do a lot of things I disagree with; actually, I disagree with most things he does and I'm a Zionist.

However, it's awfully difficult to conclude that Netanyahu doesn't have anything to fear from Iran. Rhetoric about getting rid of Israel's government has come from multiple officials and their military hardware parades are not only filled with threats to Israel, some are actually written on missiles themselves. Iran sponsors Hezbollah, which has actually killed a whole lot of Israelis. The last time this happened to a significant extent, Hezbollah crossed the Lebanese border, which Israel had refrained from doing for the previous six years.

Yes, Israel is far stronger than Iran is, at least in the air, but because Israel is so tiny, any nuclear strike could essentially destroy the entire country.

The only reason Netanyahu is interested in Iran at all is because Israel's survival is on the table. And this is a one-way street - Israel certainly hasn't engaged in a whole lot of rhetoric about changing the regime in Iran.

What I've noticed about the international commentary about Israel and Iran is that way too much of it depends on why Israel should ignore Iran's threats. When some of these sources actually start holding Iran responsible for the consequences of making those threats, I'll consider them impartial. Not before.
@ Eljekar

KS was being amusing, referring to a prior post when I quoted someone to point out their display of hatred and the act of quotation was called hate speech.

Perhaps another more subtle point of this blog post, beyond the fact that Iran is banging the war drums, was that Israel, as a democracy, has an active anti-war opposition while the government of Iran has none, in fact tolerates no opposition in-country at all.

That is not intended to convince; it is fact.
If Alaska Progressive returns to defend Iran's government, an interesting task for a 'progressive', I hope he will provide a list of that loyal opposition - living ones.
hello kosher, traveler,

My first point is resolved.

My second point is not about right or wrong of the (his)story. It's just about: buy yourself some papers instead of being updated by one line from one editorial office.

PS I'm on my way now from South Europe to the Netherlands, so we'll see if I can be back in time, if further comments are requested.