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Robert Kingett

Robert Kingett
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 31
Digital Journal
Robert Kingett is a blind journalist specializing in audio description, adaptive sports, and disability news and is a motivational speaker as well. He’s also a campaigner where his most noted work has been the accessible Netflix project. His essays have been published widely in magazines, blogs, and read on radio stations across the country and abroad. He has been published in several anthologies. He’s the chief writer consultant for Americas Comedy as well as a columnist for Truth Is Cool. His most popular column has been Kingett Reads Fifty Shades of Grey. He holds several editing jobs. He is a strong supporter and advocate for LGBTQ rights and has raised a great deal of funds for HIV and AIDS research. To read more about Robert visit his website at www.robertkingett.com


Hi all my lovely humans! This is calculass, calc you ass, in case you're wondering! I don’t know quite what to put on here for my first time blogging with the weird writer. Well, being the all knowing autistc mathh genious that I a, I'd thought that I'd start with a

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This is one of my sleepless nights where I fall asleep listening to
tech news podcasts
and such (yes I am a real nerd), and I just wanted to comment on the following:
Note in advance this is not a rant, I and anyone else have to admire
the work that… Read full post »

Oh, my. This book justifies Bad Book Month all by itself. It's appalling. The redeeming factors are few and far between (mostly Charlie, because he's sweet; and maybe Jasper), but they're helpless against the overwhelming gag factor.

The most appalling element, however, is how popular this novel is…

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JUNE 19, 2011 8:21PM

blind jerk solutions!

I feel like making fun of the sighted so here it goes. Sighted people try so hard to help us and they don't even know how much a hindrance they actually are. this guide will show you common blind sighted situations, and my own personal look on each. Where I can…

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Robert Kingett.

John P

ENC 1101

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The exchange happened on a Thursday afternoon. The hum of the bus screeches to a halt in front of my black friend and me as we exchange CD’s for the other to listen to. As soon as… Read full post »

JUNE 17, 2011 2:47PM

the weird writer and final exams.

Wow all. Well, my final exam is in about 30 minutes, and I feel so bad that I didn’t even keep a good record of all that has happened here at Tallahassee community college, but there’s something that you all have to understand, I have been super busy, and that’s saying… Read full post »

As we all know cell phones are the pits… for the blind anyway. The deaf can use any cell phone they wish, and well, as you all know, that makes the Weird Writer mad.

In spite of my anger, I decided to help my fellow blind community and make a list… Read full post »

I COULDN’T SLEEP THAT NIGHT. I KEPT WORRYING there was a leech outside my window. I kept worrying it was going to jump from the tree onto my window screen and then worm its way in, using its hemoglobin sensors to find where all my blood was. The problem with having… Read full post »

JUNE 10, 2011 12:34PM

first semester at TCC.

Well all, who knew that I’d be Blogging again. Yes folks, I’m Blogging again, but only to say that the first semester here at Tallahassee Community College is finally over! My final exams are next Friday, and this is a huge thing. It seems like just yesterday iarrived here, and now… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2011 1:23PM

weird writer home alone. day 1.

Well, all in all so many strange things can happen when parents are away. the Weird Writer is no exception.

As soon as jubilant Jackie and GSB left the house, the party started. Well, no actually it didn’t. the first thing I did was do some homework.

That didn’t last long… Read full post »

MAY 28, 2011 11:41PM

interview with a gay vampire.

Robert Kingett, host of the long dead internet radio show 4 YO info, has arrived for one last skit, and this time, there will be some shiny results!

Interview with a gay vampire. By Robert Kingett and the 4 yo information team.

4 yo information a podcast by the blind, for… Read full post »

MAY 25, 2011 5:12PM

the weird writer ponderings.

This is a list of things I think about that just don’t make any sense at all or I have thought long and hard over, or I just think about these things at school, at home, and when I am board talking to a person who isn’t smart enough to talk.Read full post »

An editorial can comprise many interesting and enlightening phenomena. Many authors have written some vastly intellectual works, and Merry L Bob is one of those contributors to the vast readership.

The 1989 issue of The Library Journal held an editorial that caught many eyes. The issue contained an… Read full post »

MAY 19, 2011 12:16AM

ads in books essay.

I don’t know why people want to try and put me in the hospital. I just don’t. I mean, I didn’t really do anything to them other than judge their hair style or writing, but I still don’t get why in all ages would people actually want to have the audacity… Read full post »

MAY 18, 2011 9:36PM

ads in books?

just had a horrible, horrible thought. What if books had advertising in them? Not product placement in the story like "quoth the raven, eat at Burger King", but real honest-to-goodness ads every three or four pages, just like in magazines. Publishers could print two versions of every title:… Read full post »

MAY 18, 2011 9:34PM

ads in books.

just had a horrible, horrible thought. What if books had advertising in them? Not product placement in the story like "quoth the raven, eat at Burger King", but real honest-to-goodness ads every three or four pages, just like in magazines. Publishers could print two versions of every

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MAY 15, 2011 12:42PM

the future of Skype.

Well, you heard the news: Microsoft is going to buy Skype for $8.5 billion. It’s the most money Microsoft has ever spent for anything.

Analysts — the ones who think the deal is a good idea — say that Microsoft can use Skype’s voice and video technology to build into… Read full post »

MAY 8, 2011 9:45PM

First day at TCC,

Hello all! I’m here to tell all of you about my first day of college. Keep in mind that this entry will be very detailed and it will contain name’s of people, places, and strange food I consumed. And thus, my first day as a student at Tallahassee community college! Begins!… Read full post »

hi this is Robert Kingett calling. I just want to tell you about the new audio feedback system. After my talk, I’d love it if you could dial +12063093166. you can give the number to anyone who wishes to leave Robert Kingett a voice message into his email. In fact, he’d… Read full post »

You know life is good when your readers actually ambush you on a local bus transport. Here’s how it happened.

Now I have many appointments to keep. Many of these deal with the local mafia while others deal with my potential boyfriend, wink. However, anyways, whatevear appointment my suicide bom… Read full post »

The eBook market has become quite popular over the past few years. While the blind reader could previously access texts only through a few services like Bookshareâ„¢, the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, access is now availab… Read full post »

Here is the article that was published in the Braille monitor. It’s attached. If not, you can download the audio.
https://www.nfb.org/images/nfb/Audio/Braille_Monitor/2011/May/11_Over_There. mp3

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MAY 2, 2011 12:58PM

heavy metal parot!

Now this is funny shit! Me friends and I recorded this at marks house. <<…>>

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APRIL 30, 2011 6:22PM

The Island

I woke up after I had been mysteriously knocked out while driving in my car. I looked at my surroundings, and found myself on the edge of a cliff. Behind me was what appeared to be a tropical rain forest, and in front of me, at the bottom of the cliff,… Read full post »

APRIL 30, 2011 2:04PM

luv 2 txt.

You need to send a quick text to your mom to tell her soccer practice is canceled. In an effort not to get caught, you reach ever so slowly, skillfully, and one-handedly into your backpack. Drawing your bright purple handheld lifeline from the front pocket, you are careful not to press… Read full post »