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June 03
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MARCH 27, 2012 8:08AM

Money Doesn't Equal Class or Manners

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mannersThere once was a time where wealth, class and manners went hand in hand. I hear it was a kinder, gentler time when neighbors helped neighbors, friends were loyal, and courtesy was an earmark of one's financial and social standing. A person's wealth was the result of many factors, including upbringing, education, intellect, business and social acumen and perseverance. It was these factors--not the wealth itself--which defined men and women of wealth.There was a social pecking order and to be among the cream-of-the-crop, one had to act accordingly.

Back in the day, wealth was both a responsibility and a privilege. Now wealth--or at least pseudo wealth--seems to be accompanied by attitudes of entitlement and non-responsibility. It would be easy to point out and find fault with the antics of over-privileged actors, athletes and musicians. However, what I want to talk about is how so many average people with more than a few dollars in his or her pocket seem to have morphed into unrecognizable creatures!

I am appalled by the constant in your face attitudes exhibited by some people just because they believe they have more than average resources. A little money goes to their head and suddenly they believe themselves to be better, smarter, thinner, prettier, etc., than the next person. They are rude, short-tempered, demeaning, demanding, whiny, self-absorbed and otherwise boorish. I so often want to remind those people the world is full of people with far less money, but also with those having far more, too. I don't dare, because then I'd feel compelled to remind them there are far more people with better attitudes, more self-worth, more attractive see why I refrain?

I could go into great detail on this subject, but again I will practice restraint! The simple message I want to convey is that just because an individual has a little more money, a little better job, a nicer home, clothes, car or boat, privately educated kids, or whatever perks they are blessed with, it does NOT automatically equal class or manners. Why do people believe if their bank balance goes up, their need for manners goes down? It doesn't!

In fact, if the current pseudo wealthy would take a lesson from the truly wealthy, they will find more social grace, more responsibility, more courtesy and more generosity with their financial resources and spirit are expected of them.

Just as it has always been, wealth opens doors and creates opportunities, but it is the ability to interact with aplomb that creates worthwhile relationships and makes things happen. A buffoon's ignorant behavior is not long welcome--regardless how thick his wallet or how stuffed with bills her designer purse!

If you are among the financially blessed, enjoy your blessings, but do so with grace. Always remember this: Fortunes are made and lost, but kindness, good manners, and knowledge persevere.

Have a great day my friend!

(Today's post is dedicated to friends who shared some eye-opening stories with me. Thank you for sharing!)

The Yellow Kite 

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Kite,excellently written and so true to my sense.No money can buy class and manners.Although,without does not count in society..Thank you for sharing.Similar ορinions you and I ..Best regards.