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June 03
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Welcome! I am Christine “Tina” Conley, wife, mother, writer, and business owner. I am a life coach and interior decorator. For years I utilized coaching within the realm of decorating and through personal interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. I enjoy guiding others to finding clarity in their lives. Wanting to do that on a larger scale, I took to blogging. My intent with The Yellow Kite is to bring sound, uplifting, and honest perspectives on life to a wide, diverse audience. My hope is that through sharing my own experiences, my unique style of coaching, and my optimistic attitude, I can help others elevate their lives to the levels they want and deserve!


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JANUARY 1, 2013 8:13AM

Happy New Year; Happy New Day!

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Dear friends,

As I pondered what to write as we come to the end of one year and begin another, so many thoughts, advice, stories, cautions, and remembrances swirled through my head. I considered sharing a list of life lessons; but then again, you can get those by Googling or on Facebook. I could share a Top Ten Ways to Set and Achieve Goals list; but that's blase for such a momentous occasion. What is it you want or need to hear from me?

Perhaps nothing. Perhaps it is me who wants and needs to share with you. In that case, what can I say that is worthy of your time? I do not hold the secrets of the Universe. I don't know how to make you thin, or rich, or successful in your business. I can't teach you to be funny or wise. I cannot make your children or spouse behave as you hope. And I certainly cannot explain to you why people like shows such as Honey Boo Boo! So what is there? There are words from a page in my own story.

My life is not "perfect" by Forbes standards; the Church isn't considering me for sainthood; I don't expect to see my name on the Nobel Prize candidate list; nor do I roll with celebrities. Hell, let's be real.. my life probably isn't perfect by anyone else's terms! Yet, I am blissfully, satisfyingly, peacefully, and exuberantly happy with my life! I am living MY perfect life. Even when I'm spatting with my spouse; even when my bank account is a woeful sight; even though I do not have all the things I desire or that others have; and even when I'm missing loved ones, I am joyfully happy with my life. Want to know why?

Here is my secret: I made a choice some time ago to BE HAPPY. Simple as that. I choose to embrace each day as a new day full of blessings and opportunities. I deliberately choose to truly appreciate life, to stand in my own light, to give thanks, to allow those around me to be who they are, to hold my opinions and allow others their's. If times are good, I give thanks. If times are tough, I ask for help and then give thanks for the chance to grow, to trust, and to learn. I have taken responsibility for my own happiness. I have learned to live in a state of gratitude and I am constantly amazed by the sheer volume of blessings in my life!

There are three things that guide my life: God, self, and others. As long as I keep those in sight, anything is possible!

As you step into a new year--365 new days--filled with possibility, don't step over all the wonderful blessings you already have! Look at the people and things in your life and truly appreciate each and every one for his, her or its uniqueness. Each person, situation, and even material possession, is like a thread in the beautiful tapestry that you are weaving as you live your life. We should all strive to create our individual tapestries with as much vibrancy as possible!

May you continue to live a blessed life in the New Year and each and every New Day!

The Yellow Kite

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Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Yellow Kite. I never heard that expression, stand in your own light...I really like that. Also letting those around me be who they are. Wishing you blessings and health in the New Year. :)