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FEBRUARY 23, 2011 9:19PM

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Up Close And Personal!

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Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made. - Mark Twain

Listen to the Youtube clips you see above. Don't forget to pick your jaw up off the floor afterward.

Not since the Wikileaks affair have we gotten this close a look at what really goes on in the upper echelons of government. At first I thought that this might be the work of The Yes Men, an organization of pranksters who infiltrate corporate boardrooms by posing as executives and employees. But apparently this particular job was pulled off by just one man. In an incredible feat of social engineering, Ian Murphy, a reporter at the Buffalo, New York-based news outlet, The Beast finagled his way into a one-on-one telephone conversation with Wisconsin's newly-elected Republican governor, Scott Walker. He did it by posing as a major donor to Walker's election campaign, multi-billionaire, supporter of the ultra-right and all-around good guy, David Koch (pronounced “coke”. Make of that what you will!). He then proceeded to hobnob with the guv'nor on some mighty sensitive topics for not five, not ten, but for twenty long minutes! There are lobbyists who don't get that kind of phone or face time out of elected officials!

Rather than trying to analyze what the governor said myself (it would be pretty redundant at this point anyhow), I'll leave it to you to form your own opinions.

As you might guess, this whole affair has caused a bit of a stir. As of this writing, The Beast's web site has been taken down. The links which I've provided could stop working and the above Youtube clips could go dark at any moment, so check 'em out while you still can!


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I shall check them out now.
rated with hugs
what a KOCH-sucker! In more ways than one. Walker looks like a doofus--wonder when he's going to realize he wasn't really talking to David Koch.

Scott Walker, you've got a great big target on your back, because letting you win a damned thing would be intolerable. Domino, say hello to the floor.
Haven't you heard, Shiral? We don't do targets anymore. Obama told me so. Apparently there's an exception for rabid Democrats whose taxpayer support is threatened.

The clips say much more about the morality of the imposter than that of the Governor, who steadfastly refused to rise to any of the bait. This is a non-story that richly deserves the obscurity it is fast approaching.
"The non-entity which is gordon osmond that richly deserves the obscurity it is fast approaching."

Well said.
If that were true, Gordon, why did I get multiple emails this morning with excerpts of this phonecall urging the investigation of the Koch-Walker connection? A reporter hood winked this guy for 20 minutes on the phone, and NOBODY in his office sought to verify the call really WAS from David Koch? In the call itself, Walker reveals himself with disgusting candor to have few if any scruples and little regard for negotiating in good faith with anyone who disagrees with him.

When Neocons stop lying it's often even more nauseating when they trip up and accidentally tell the truth about themselves now and then.
Fascinating. Gov. Walker has lots of guts. Combative and Right Wing. He seems to be really enjoying the game of it all. I don't think he realizes that he is helping people be oppressed. It is a very clear that this country is ready for a big civil war. But the liberals don't seem nasty enough to compete with these idiots. They want to take government unions down. I am amazed how he loved how Reagan fired the air traffic controllers. Walker really thinks he is doing good but he is in Koch's pocket. He wants his freedom back? Geez. He wants power. No negotiating. How smart he is!....oh these tapes are priceless.