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DECEMBER 27, 2012 9:34AM

20 Q.

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Psychic Genie Ball 

You might've seen one of these little thingies before.

I got one for my little brother for Christmas.  I'd gotten a good deal on it, and I figured it'd be simple entertainment for him.  That was before I realized just how smart this little sucker was (fiddling with it after I'd bought it and before Christmas, it beat me once and I stumped it once).  So, all Christmas day it seemed my little brother was playing with it.  He was priding himself on beating it, but honestly I think he just kept changing his answer, which is CHEATING ahem, but anyways. 

He goes, "hey sis, you wanna try it out?", and since he was having so much fun, I figured, sure, I'll humor him.  I've been talking to this guy for a little over a week now... and I think he's pretty cool.  So, he was on my mind.  When 20Q asked me, "ready?", I said, yep!


20Q: Animal? 

Me: Yes.

20Q: Is it bigger than a loaf of bread?

Me: Yes.

20Q: Does it make you smile?

Me: *blushes* Yes.

20Q: Can you carry it with you?

Me: No.

20Q: Does it make noise?

Me: Yes.


The questions went on until 20Q hit 20.  Sometimes 20Q will go past 20.  I wish I'd thought to record these questions.  They seemed so pointless I was skeptical it'd ever guess what I was thinking.  In its defense, it had guessed "Crush" a while back when I'd first gotten it and was dating that last guy, but I never expected this answer...

20 questions in, it goes, "I've got it... I'm thinking..."



"A Soulmate?"


Let me tell you, my  blood ran cold.


If I don't post again before New Year's, I wish all of my bloggy friends a very happy New Year's.  I can only hope our next years will go smoother than this year has went.  I'll be glad to look in the rearview mirror and see 2012 staring at me driving off.  Hugs to all.

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We'll soon have a wee gadget that will give us therapy as simply as that. Nor more $200 an hour for a fallible human who has his own issues to deal with.

Another 20 years of high tech development and we'll truly be able to say, "We have become the Borg!"

We can already say, "Resistance is futile......"

And????? Was he?

Happy New Year to you too.
kitteh - yes! One day we'll just have to plug in and be nothing but fleshy beeping fools.

Margaret - time will tell, lol... This was from this Christmas, so it's a while yet. I do have to admit though, I wouldn't be surprised. He doesn't "feel" like the others I've been interested in.
EEK!!!! :D

Happy New Year!! ~hug~
Tinkitteh - and a Happy New Year to you as well (hugs) :)

We've already got the fleshy and fool parts down pat...!