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JANUARY 3, 2013 2:35PM

Being Fat.

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Happy New Year, Everyone!  I'm not single anymore!

Now that I have that out of the way...

One of my resolutions is that I'm going to reach my goal weight this year.  I somehow managed to drop 30 lbs. in about two months at the end of 2012.  Not bitchin' mind you, just sayin'.  However, that's like, a drop in the bucket.  I like reading up on supplements.  I wasn't raised around holistic/alternative stuff, so it fascinates me to think that there is like this parallel universe out there where people eat algae and seeds and are whole if not deprived in a fast-foody sense... because ya know, they're missing out on soooo much.  I had bought some dandelion tea, ginger tea and a ridiculous amount of green tea a few months back.  I'd also bought a bag of chia seeds.  They're all still sitting in my cabinet. 


So yeah, I know I need to delve into those.  And I will, trust me.  It's just, I guess I figure if I have more supplements floating around I'll feel more motivated?  Last spring I tried Fenugreek.  Other than keeping me regular (which I guess is what it was for, hahahah), it wasn't like some miracle drug.  And those pills were really, really big.  Fish oil pills?  *shudders*  Still have those in the freezer.  But damnit, I wanted something.  I read up on how Spirulina is a type of "super-food" (and also an algae, yum yum) and that it's great for weight loss.  So yesterday I trekked to Walgreens to look for some.  Walgreens and CVS don't carry it, in case you were wondering.  They also don't carry Yerba Mate or Yohimbine.  I didn't want to leave Walgreens empty-handed yesterday, so I snagged some Raspberry Ketones off of the shelf (buy one, get one free!).  The $10 package equates 14 days worth of these suckers.  3 pills in the morning, 3 at mid-day.  I'd read up on Raspberry Ketones a little while ago but they didn't appeal to me because I don't know, I guess they weren't dramatic enough for what I was seeking.  Spirulina also helps with fibromyalgia (sp.) symptoms as well as asthma symptoms, so it still appeals to me the most.  So I sat down today and forced myself to Yahoo "Raspberry Ketones" in search.  I'll be damned that DR. OZ of all people kept popping up in search!  I know a lot of people love him.  He's got like a cult following.  But to me, he looks like a Keebler Elf in scrubs and I have a hard time taking any dietary advice from someone who is rail-thin.  Call it Bitter Fat Chick Syndrome, I don't care.  So damnit, I'm stuck with these pills for another 13 days.  And I'm begrudging to admit that even though I've only taken the morning dose, I had a lot more pep in my step during my lunchtime walk down to the bank... *grumble grumble*

I read up on some more  before my lunch break about other herbal supplements.  Other than the two aforementioned (Yerba Mate and Yohimbine/Yohimbe), every dang article I found on Livestrong.com (which is the only site I really trust, for some reason) kept mentioning green tea extract.  I cannot stand the taste of green tea, so actual green tea extract could save me that unpleasant bitterness.  When I was down at CVS during lunch, I saw a buy one,get one free deal on 90 pills/bottle of Mega-T Green Tea Extract + Acai Berry.  These I only have to take 3 a day, one 20 minutes  before every meal.  That's a lot less choke-worthy than 3 pills twice a day.  Once these 13 days run out, I'm jumping on the green tea extract bandwagon.  I'll of course report back after the Raspberry Ketone phase to see how much weight I've lost.  Tricky thing is  I have to stop gorging in the evenings, and need to incorporate exercise in more systematically (150 minutes per week, current guidelines suggest)... so we'll see how it goes. 




On an unrelated and pissy note, turns out I cannot cover my spring semester.  After 2 days of self-disgust, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and told myself I still have summer and fall to take classes.  Not sure if I can get hired as a substitute teacher mid-school year or not, but hell, it's worth a shot. 

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Good luck, both with school and the weight struggles. I guess for me my goal is to try and get my act together - 2012 was all about trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life. :)
I've been on the supplement bandwagon, too. FYI- if it contains green tea in any form you are going to taste it, even if it's when you burp. I can't stand tea, either. Currently I am taking trans-resveratrol- the red grape stuff, and feeling better. I've added black cohosh, too, because I'm 50 and in the wacky hormone phase.

I've sort of figured out that I get more nutrition from eating whole foods instead of trying to add all kinds of new things that I don't trust to my diet. Of course, I am now trying to lose more than 60 pounds, but that's because I keep detouring back to junk. I'm five days in, though, and going strong!

Congrats on losing 30 pounds and not being single any more!
Losing some weight will be first on my list to do this year.
Rachel - hey, it's a new year... we have to make it work for us :)

Phyllis - I've seen your blogs- that's great! I've heard about that Resveratrol stuff. Something to consider as well I'm sure. Thanks for the heads up on the tea burps. Something unpleasant I'll have to anticipate in the future, lol. And yes, it's way too easy to detour back to junk. Had a bad day at work yesterday so of course I bought junk food on the way home... I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Black cohosh, I'll have to read up on that. It's definitely smart to just eat whole foods... I'm personally into Odwalla bars. The Berries GoMega bars are fantastic. I can't count on myself to plan anything intricate when it comes to dietary menus, so bars are better than nothing I figure. Good luck to you! :)

Lyza - we have to start somewhere, gal! Good luck :)
I like the Odwalla B-energy drink. Yum, but lots of calories. I've never tried the bars.