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Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi


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December 31
I'm a divorced mom of one, a self-proclaimed cat-lady, and mildly misanthropic. At least in-person. I'm still feeling my way through this whole life thing, and realizing that I'm still growing into my own skin. I've taken to using this blog as a free therapy couch, it seems. If you don't like what I write, I'm a huge self-critic, so chances are you're in good company.


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JANUARY 31, 2013 8:05PM

it's a horrible feeling.

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it's a horrible feeling when it feels like you've got no one to talk to.

it's a horrible feeling whenever your ex-husband dicks you over...

yet again...

it's a horrible feeling when, as much as you want to, you can't trust your mom to talk to her, because of shit that's happened in the past.

it's a crummy (not horrible) feeling that your supposed bf is too self-involved to be there for when you actually need him, and not just when he's available.

it's a shitty feeling when friends who've you been there for during THEIR shit completely ignore you as you struggle.  



when you see that everyone's showed their true colors, it's enough to nauseate you and make you realize you're nothing but a miserable statistic.

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I felt horrible reading how horrible you feel, and horrible that you've been treated so horribly.

Time to make some changes maybe?
Been there done this and came out with the thought that it was not me who was lacking, it was those around me. Time to cut and run and I know that does not work with moms but sometimes they care more than they let on. I hope this is the case for you.
Just trying to bring a smile to you, which is sometimes all we can do...but maybe change is the answer....
Been there. It's horrible. Glad you have OS, though. And you should lose the new bf and get a kitten. They listen, and they purr. Nothing beats warm kitten purrs.

Hope it gets better soon.
LL2, thank you. you're quite right. there comes a time when people become more of quantity than quality.

Steve, you're fine. And yes, I do agree.

Just Phyllis, yes I'm definitely glad to have (a functional) OS :). I do actually already have a kitty, and she did help me through that night, bless her furry grey heart. you're very right about that :)