Theodora L'Engle Knight

Theodora L'Engle Knight
Portland, Oregon, USA
July 02
Pack Leader, Her Royal Highness
Prozac On Paws: The Tale of Three Spayed Females
jewish writer/former screenwriter/recovering accountant from Boston now moldering in the rain in Portland, OR. and, yes, of course i should move but I battle with Agoraphobia and have trouble even leaving my apartment. but i'm blessed to have two fabulous service dogs, Ella Fitzgerald and Cocoa Chanel. Ella alerts to panic attacks and Cocoa to seizures. They give me a life, such as it is.


The Fibroid Tumor That Ate Santa Barbara  


Chapter 1 of Prozac On Paws: The Tale of Three Spayed Females,


a possible memoir in progress.


Instagram">instagram i can't begin to figure out


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speaks for itself. more pics of Cocoa Chanel and Gloria Steinem cuddling. two of them intertwined in another odd way. hard to decipher.

and some pics of my oddball Early Kindergarten collection. in my den. only 2 because the upload function stopped working. whatever, right?

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link to latest Kitty Pics on Our Salon. pretty freaking sweet. 

Kitty Pics. Would anyone like a kitten for a week? 

i love my kitten Gloria Steinem. i adore her. but, shit, man, every time i think i'm used to her shenanigans, she ups the ante. she slept really soundly… Read full post »

Latest Kitty Pics on Our Salon

first the misery and the nasty neighbors, then the Miracle of the Carousing Kitty. 

i have a little basket of mental illnesses. none of them are fun. there's the agoraphobia, the bipolar 2 and the PTSD. the agoraphobia was terrible this past… Read full post »

latest kitty pics. Gloria on her own and cuddling with her beloved Cocoa Chanel. it's pretty much like this: Gloria is Cocoa's Kitten and Cocoa is Gloria's canine-american. my role? feeding G and providing a barrier for Cocoa to hide behind when she's worn out from playing with G. 

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i keep a Daily Gratitude Journal. i began doing this in 1999 or so, back when Oprah still had a show and the focus was on the books Simple Abundance and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. and O was my girl. it's a long story for another time but i ended… Read full post »

(i put some new kitten pics on Our Salon. hope they worked out.)

My Post on Our Salon

i am wanting to jump off something. i'm going to mostly use this space to rant and vent for now because i left my agoraphobia group due to an anti-semitic member telling… Read full post »

my cleaner/friend uploaded the kitten photos & re-sized them for me. so i'm cautiously hopeful...

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A sign from the TV-verse. GLORIA STEINEM was on The Good Wife last night! More of Gloria the kitten & her Canine-American.

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Gloria is here. she is beyond cute. i got her this Cat Condo Kennel that has perches at various levels -- i wrote about it in my last post -- and 

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First of all, Gloria Steinem, my kitty from scratch, comes tomorrow! i wish i had up to date photos of her. i can't seem to upload her photo but you can see how lovely she is here :

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since my little girl died, i've been focusing on the loss. but now i'm wanting to celebrate her lovely life. she was full of energy and fun and love. she actually twinkled when she was happy and when she was high/stoned

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okay, so i had seen several Positive Changes hypnosis ads but they were all about weight loss, showing before and after photos which can, of course, be altered and the big changes could be due to gastric bypass or another miracle treatment. the way it was marketed, it just felt like… Read full post »

there has been some darkness in my life recently. a lot of fear. but...

now there is a bright light in all of this and it has to do with the hypnosis place i go to once a week, this Positive Changes place that i thought was a bullshit gimmick… Read full post »

it's such a blessing. my housecleaner/organizer/friend Stacie has a friend whose cat had kittens a short while ago. and they will be ready in 2 and a half weeks!

i gave up on the Siamese thing because i couldn't get there quickly enough because of the agoraphobia. Siamese go fast for… Read full post »

this is how insane this place is because it's a senior mixed income building, which means that there are residents who are very low income , some of whom are this way because of serious mental and emotional challenges, and there are more affluent ones who are bordering on dementia and,… Read full post »

I'm having a bad time with not wanting to post on here because my writing isn't what it was. my writing voice is grim subjects with humor and i used to be really funny and able to make tough subjects accessible to people who didn't have dark twisted pasts and/or presents.… Read full post »

cocoa chanel and i are shopping for a kitten to make us a threesome again now that ella fitzgerald has moved on to the next realm and left us baffled and bereft. we would love her to be a Siamese or a Siamese mix but, if not, we just want a… Read full post »

I want to make this tribute perfect or at least very good but i don't do this kind of writing anymore. I just make entries in my daily Gratitude Journal. so this will be what it will be. it's taking all my courage to create another blog post after 5 or… Read full post »

no, i'm not back. still anxious, still unable to concentrate enough to read everyone's writing. can't read anything long online, can't read magazines in person. whatever. still don't feel safe on here emotionally and clearly never will. whatever. life goes on. and i'm lucky enough to have my stupid S… Read full post »

isn't that cool, tinkerbell!grrrl too and some others. in honor of your peeps, i vote for Pffffft.

godiverse, i hate technology. it freaking bites, dude. my laptop died and i was desperate and wanted to be able to return the new one, so i got a 17 freaking inch monster… Read full post »

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You're the best
You're the best
Being close
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{NOTE: please ignore everything I say below about how outstanding my Wonderpup/Service Dog Cocoa Chanel is. After a cheeseburger/pizza/ baby carrot –filled evening, my lovely girl just now pulled a dish down from the top of the sofa back and wolfed a chocolate CHUNK cookie and would haveRead full post »

Bullet One:

I’ve been meaning to check in for a while now. It’s been more than a year, after all...

What finally got me to get in touch is the whole Bin Laden being dead thing. What is sad is that I have become so cynical that IRead full post »

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: i no longer feel the way i was feeling when i wrote the old part of this post. i've let go of the EP/Cover/Ratings shit, so i don't need any more advice and such on that count. okay, guys? not that i'm not grateful for all the… Read full post »