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Theodora L'Engle Knight
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July 02
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Prozac On Paws: The Tale of Three Spayed Females
jewish writer/former screenwriter/recovering accountant from Boston now moldering in the rain in Portland, OR. and, yes, of course i should move but I battle with Agoraphobia and have trouble even leaving my apartment. but i'm blessed to have two fabulous service dogs, Ella Fitzgerald and Cocoa Chanel. Ella alerts to panic attacks and Cocoa to seizures. They give me a life, such as it is.

no, i'm not back. still anxious, still unable to concentrate enough to read everyone's writing. can't read anything long online, can't read magazines in person. whatever. still don't feel safe on here emotionally and clearly never will. whatever. life goes on. and i'm lucky enough to have my stupid S… Read full post »

isn't that cool, tinkerbell!grrrl too and some others. in honor of your peeps, i vote for Pffffft.

godiverse, i hate technology. it freaking bites, dude. my laptop died and i was desperate and wanted to be able to return the new one, so i got a 17 freaking inch monster… Read full post »

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You're the best
You're the best
Being close
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{NOTE: please ignore everything I say below about how outstanding my Wonderpup/Service Dog Cocoa Chanel is. After a cheeseburger/pizza/ baby carrot –filled evening, my lovely girl just now pulled a dish down from the top of the sofa back and wolfed a chocolate CHUNK cookie and would haveRead full post »

Bullet One:

I’ve been meaning to check in for a while now. It’s been more than a year, after all...

What finally got me to get in touch is the whole Bin Laden being dead thing. What is sad is that I have become so cynical that IRead full post »

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: i no longer feel the way i was feeling when i wrote the old part of this post. i've let go of the EP/Cover/Ratings shit, so i don't need any more advice and such on that count. okay, guys? not that i'm not grateful for all the… Read full post »

okay, this is a story that is really about how not to meet or choose your future husband. it worked out for me, except for the sad death part that will not be discussed in this piece. it was early 1990s and i was reaching the end of my 'ho-ishness in So.Read full post »

(please keep checking back because i will be updating all night with more brilliantly witty remarks and please pass this on to your friends on here because i am an ATTENTION WHORE but i also just plainly LOVE AND LIVE to make people LAUGH.)


because i can play favorites as… Read full post »

my place is once again a pigsty. at least now i know why. well, sort of why, since i've finally been officially diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which i will hereafter refer to as CFS or Flutigue because of how it makes me feel, which would be great, except that there is… Read full post »

i want to apologize in advance for not reading many posts, if any. i have this battle going with this stupid freaking Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and another immune thang that i can't remember the name of. i know, dangling participle. kiss my freaking ass.  so when i say that i'm sic… Read full post »

because of the fabulous Possible Freaky Purse post on here:

and this one on here:

i decided to offer some of my close to home options!

but before i show you the Possible Purses, i wanted to share some cake.&nb… Read full post »

well, i found the box that contained my photo albums and packs and packs and packs of pics over the ages. still none of either of my husbands, but i will keep looking. for now, because i'm horribly Chronically Fatigued and sick tonight, with high fever and such, i'm posting the best… Read full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2009 3:11AM

"If it's not one thing, it's your mother."


(i deleted this by mistake. thank you, Natalie, for helping me find the cache. i had 36 ratings and there are some wonderful comments that are missing now, but i'm just grateful to have recovered this at

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(and i am one funny freaking bitch. i'm not being an attention whore, for once. this and Part One are a polished chapter of my memoir in progess, Prozac On Paws: The Tale of Three Spayed Females, about recovering from agoraphobia with the help of service dogs for invisible disabilities/psychiatric di… Read full post »

Losing My Looks/When I was a 'Ho. Part One.


“Joke ‘em if they can’t take a f***.”
Robin Williams
“Bisexuality doubles your chance for a date on Saturday night.”
Woody Allen 

(i was blessed and honored to have Feed the Cat link to this piece of mine in a… Read full post »

okay, i was going to do a whole thing about me being a teenager in the late sixties and boycotting lettuce with the best of them and fucking a boy who looked like Mick Jagger under the Washington monument during the Cambodia demonstration where i kept running into Eugene McCarthy and… Read full post »

 me little 


i've never done something this egomaniacal before. shit, no, i probably have. but i figured out how to scan stuff! i'm a tech idiot, so this is big. i couldn't find photos of Richard, my late husband, which means they are buried in a moving box, one that's too… Read full post »

(i've posted this before, but i'm posting it again because i have several new friends and favorites and because i've been the grateful recipient of a whole lot of human kindness lately. much much much needed kindness since i've had some majorly dark days. i was blessed to talk on the phone… Read full post »

(if you are down in the dumps and this doesn't make you smile even a little, it's time for a meds check. :) this is my new favorite tv show, well, after Flashforward and the Seinfeld reunion coming up on Curb... new york former bad guys rescuing animals??? i mean, what… Read full post »

i've been in an unrelenting depression. i did manage to get to the doctor at the poor people's clinic where i was also able to see the mental health nurse practitioner. got them to up my thyroid med, add in abilify to my crazy woman cocktail. they also pumped up the… Read full post »

the more things stay the same, or that's how it's feeling today. another terrifying tsunami, our leader in Copenhagen and not where he needs to be, war, inequity, pestilence... OS feels like the Small Circle of Friends, the place where people give a shit about what's happening… Read full post »

i've always had eclectic taste, from the very sophisticated to the ridiculous. the ridiculous things? well, i call these items my Early Kindergarten collections. i LOVE bright primary colors, especially Red and Orange, miniatures of almost everything (well, there is one BIG exception to this.), tran

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this is an old old new yorker cover. it's about fathers and sons. i was looking for one about fathers and daughters, but i love the Fall theme and colors, so i hope that Delia can forgive me. my Delia Dee's father was hideously murdered by a family member. DD's… Read full post »

(if you're new to my blog, please read this instead or in addition. it's my Voice, if you will. or if you haven't read it. it's my first POLISHED chapter of my memoir Prozac On Paws, The Tale of Three Spayed Females, about recovering from agoraphobia with the help of a… Read full post »

when this eventually passes, i will write about it for myself and for those of you who know this awful Noonday Demon (Andrew Solomon) too well. i know it's the deepest of pits because i'm a tv addict extraordinaire and i couldn't even get into the comedy section of the Emmys. i… Read full post »