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January 10
I have always been an optimistic person and thought that people get out of life what they put into it. . . Over the past few years I've become jaded and now have a difficult time understanding the point of, well, life. I'm hoping to make meaning of things here. Wish me luck. . .


AUGUST 1, 2010 2:57PM

Good News Sunday - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip!

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There is a part of the new normal that I can live with and even enjoy. In which I am. . . at peace.


(Several weeks ago)

The four of us have been sitting around all morning, bored and bothering each other. Thunderstorms are forecast, and no one has any good ideas for a rainy-day activity. 

Me:  "Get dressed and get in the car. We're going to Fox's for dinner. We can eat lobster while watching the lightning crash into the ocean."

Daughter:  "You seriously want to go the beach in the rain. Mom, are you nuts?"

Son:  "I love lobster!"

Husband:  "Whatever your mother says. Let's go."

Two hours later we arrive at the beach to sunny skies. It doesn't rain or thunder or lightning, which believe it or not, does not put a damper on the day. Some highlights:

  • At dinner, son uses lobster claw to poke at older sister. Sister first looks around in horrified embarrassment -- is anyone seeing her 18-year-old brother act like an 8-year-old? -- then eventually gives into her brother's childish charm. And giggles.
  • The four of us laughing, just laughing, together.
  • At the beach, son takes off his jeans to put on shorts. Right out in the open for all to see his fluorescent yellow SpongeBob Square Pants boxers. Not a care in the world. Daughter turns away, pretending not to know him -- but in a laughing, I-love-him-anyway kind of way.


Today we are just a regular family enjoying an afternoon in Maine. My son is still cognitively impaired, but within the family unit, he belongs. He is happy. He is at peace. And therefore, so am I.



"Mom, will you give me a ride to Grafton?"

"I don't know. Let me think about it."

"If I say I'll go to the White Mountains with you guys next weekend, then  will you drive me?"

Ohmigod. Is it really this easy? We've been asking him to go for weeks, and he keeps saying no.

"Absolutely. It's a deal."

I smile as I grab my keys and hop into the car. I am driving my son to a complete stranger's house, and as my husband says, "We know this will end badly." But I can live with that, because next weekend, the four of us are taking a trip. Together.

I book our vacation plans and expect that for most people, going Zip Lining would be the highlight. But we live in a new normal, and when that normal is okay, it is its own highlight.

Next weekend we will just be a regular family enjoying a few days in New Hampshire together. My son will still be cognitively impaired, but within the family unit, he will belong. He will be happy. He will be at peace. And therefore, so will I.


Wait a sec -- did I just say I signed myself up to go Zip Lining?! To echo the words of my extremely wise daughter, I must be nuts.

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~The four of us laughing, just laughing, together

~"We know this will end badly."~
Some things are just worth the price

~Zip Lining~
It's probably time you had a planned adrenalin rush
I like the negotiation in your family: The daughter will smile if first everyone admits he is acting childish. You will go to the beach if it will storm. You will go ziplining if nobody calls you crazy.
Next, you so get it. Thanks for being here.

dianaani, out world is topsy-turvy and now so full of contrasts. But honestly, I don't mind being called crazy; most days I'd agree! :)
Little moments are what it's all about. Glad you had a good day or two, with your kids, priceless.
Sometimes, you must be nuts!! For the family...:D

rita - Gas to get us to the beach: $25. Boxers: $10. Son flashing said SpongeBob boxers on the beach: priceless. Yes, the little moments make life worthwhile. Thank you!

Tink - Being crazy is sometimes a way to stay sane, no? Thanks for the smile.
I know first hand how meaningful it is just to have a good day with your family. I always try hard to take those moments in and live them, embrace them with full appreciation...knowing there are no guarantees about tomorrow.

I clicked that little thumbs up button for ya :)
Isn't it nuts to go traveling with family anyway?
Good laughs.
bluestocking - "Live them, embrace them with full appreciation" -- perfect. Enjoy, as will I!

Poor Woman - That it is! But then we have the laughs to remember afterward, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Thanks for stopping by!
He has you wrapped around his finger. I love it.r
hugs, me - He would beg to differ with you, since in his mind I am the Evil One!
He may have put one over on you... 'If I SAY I'll go...' isn't agreeing to go, it's just sayin. (Just sayin... and hoping you all pile in together for the mountains next week)
Gabby - you must be a parent of teenagers to have spotted that potential out so quickly! Fortunately, I have been around the block a few times myself. I told my son that I was booking the Zip Line trip for him, and if he did NOT end up coming with us, he would owe me the $125 I paid for it. $$ is a tremendous motivator for him, and he knows I'll make good on my promise: his father controls his SSI payments. WAhaha, says Evil One, WAhaha. ;)