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DECEMBER 17, 2011 12:03AM

Persuasive Writing

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I have been teaching Functional Skills Social Studies. It's a class for Special Education that teaches students Government, the Constitution and the state Constitution. This week we had a unit on persuasive writing. I have been kiping all of my lesson plans off of It's a wonderful site that has lessonplans, powerpoints, worksheets and projects for just about anything you would want to teach about government except for maybe the vocabulary.

Their persuasive writing unit is pretty good and I realized I would need to come up with something that they could use to put the new found knowledge to work. I was keeping my eye out for an article, new piece of legislation or something controversial that they could use to write an agumentative essay to send off as a letter. 

As I was perusing facebook I clicked on a link on an article about the bill, involving the National Defense Authorization Act. I was astounded by it and I knew my students would be too.

I put a couple or three articals on the projector screen for them to  read, I played one of the few news videos available about the subject. 

NDAA Martial Law plan

These are not the exact articles and videos I found for them I actually found more newsworthy links and videos, but can't seem to find them now....I did it on a different computer or I would check the history.

I never saw  a bunch of kids that are not too interested in government so quietly and  and intently watching a news video. They were horrified.

I got all kind of wild comments from the kids like. Obama is ruining our country. We're doomed! We will never be free.  We don't have much time! We need to tell everybody. Should we tell our parents? Will they believe us? 

Needless too say, I had to calm them down a little to  continue the lesson, but we made our bubble chart to craft our arguments, added some supporting facts and then made an outline. We barely had time to write letters, but they diligently and quietly worked hard to finish their letters by the end of the block. 

I will send them off after I make a copy of them so I can grade them. I promised them I would do it. 


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There is a lot more in the Defense Authorization bill than just defense. It has everything in it that Congress did not want to take up because most would never pass on their own merit by themselves. Congress is also useless as expected. One thing I would stress you should point out it is not Obama who is engineering these bills it is the idiots in Congress. You should first begin to show them how Congress really works and how politicians could care less about you or your problems. You will find in the Defense bill if you want to actually look through the 1000+ pages that there is money for things that aren't related to Defense it's called piggy-backing. Nice to here from you Ruth my best to you as always......older/exasperated =+r
Hey Sage, good to see you here again. What perturbs me almost as much as anything else is that Levin is one of the sponsors of this bill. I spoke with him on a few occasions away back when, and always thought he was a decent man. Needless to say, I've done a 180.
O/E, I did tell them the congress did this, even our own senators and congressmen!!! The scary thing is our hope hangs on Obama. They feel kind of hopeless.

Thanks Jane. I started with a class that had absolutely no interest in government and now they come in and ask me who is ahead in the republican party. (They know Obama is the Democratic nominee.) Pretty good for kids who have an IQ less than 73. I teach the lower level Sped kids. Don't think they are not capable than some who have plenty of grey matter that they just don't use.
Boanerges1: Didn't McCain help sponsor that too. I am so dismayed with all of congress. I think we should vote out everyone who voted for this. I don'[t care what party they are.
I congratulate your sage ideas and the work of your students. I sent you a pm.