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MAY 8, 2012 11:51PM

Beale Street Music Festival Video Breakdown

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Three 6 Mafia Beale Street Music Festival Video Breakdown

Welcome to the first ever video breakdown from The Wise Guise! Warner is covering the Beale Street Music Festival since he went all three days. However, I felt like I did enough observing on Friday night to point out a few things that really bother me about festival crowds and humanity for that matter. This will be a brief post as I just have a few observations I’ve deemed worth sharing.

Below is a video from the Three 6 Mafia performance at BSMF. Naturally it is full of inappropriate language so be forewarned if you’re opening it at work.

First let me apologize to you and your ears for putting you through that. Now lets break down what you probably only made it through 30 seconds of. If anyone has any explanations PLEASE help enlighten me.

1. Did our Scorsese film all 7 minutes and change of that for the purpose of putting it on YouTube?

2. White trash Cloverfield anyone?


4. Does this guy have a wireless microphone recording live from inside the sub woofer?

5A. Hey fellas, why does everyone need a backpack???

5B. Per the BSMF website, things not allowed to be brought in- beverages, recording devices, food, water guns, any thrown objects (baseballs, footballs, frisbees, etc.).

5C. Seriously what’s in the backpacks?

6. Are neon-framed frat sunglasses still in style? Lots of bros still just rockin’ them on their heads.

7. Quick game of I Spy cool with everyone? I spy lots of white people trying to act like it isn’t their first ever rap concert and just looking at each other desperately seeking the approval of their drunk friends while they “dance” in 5 second increments.

8. Ok that one was too easy. I spy one badass bicep wrap tattoo. And another. And another. And another.

9. Is Dikembe Mutombo filming this? Why are we so high up at times?

10. Over/under 3 minutes of performing in that 7 minute 18 second clip?

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