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Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson
Chincoteague Island, Virginia, USA
July 06
Dorothy Thompson writes fiction and nonfiction for adults. She's co-author of Romancing the Soul, a compilation of true soul mate stories and the soon to be released, Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost available Fall '13. Dorothy is also a journalist. Her articles have appeared in such publications as USA Today, Chicago Times, and Ok! Magazine. Dorothy is also founder of Pump Up Your Book, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book publicity and social media promotion for authors. Visit us at

JULY 10, 2012 11:10PM

10 Things You May Not Know About Alicia Singleton

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0367Alicia Singleton, author of Dark Side of Valor, is my guest today! Welcome Alicia!

10 Things You May Not Know About Alicia Singleton

By Alicia Singleton

  1. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. In elementary school, Alicia attended The Philadelphia College of Arts Program for talented and gifted students for her drawing and painting.
  3. A swat team, with snipers standing by, once escorted the entire student body from Alicia’s school to safety due to the threat of gang war violence.
  4. Dark Side of ValorPlayed the clarinet for Howard University’s Mighty Bison Marching Band in her freshman and sophomore year.
  5. Didn’t know what a bedpan was when she entered nursing school.
  6. Married her high school sweetheart.
  7. Graduated college, got married and took and passed her Registered Nurse Nursing Boards within three weeks.
  8. Got caught in the middle of a hurricane while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.
  9. Nursed in a violent offender prison ward, was chased and threatened by a 6 foot 3 inch, 300 pound schizophrenic patient (it took 5 guards to subdue her), and witnessed a stabbing at a nursing station during her nursing career.
  10. Conceived, created and implemented The New Birth Project, an outreach initiative for abused women and their children.  43 homeless, domestic violence survivors received job skills, spa treatments, make-overs, modeling techniques, clothing, meals for the day and counseling. Their 154 children played games, participated in rap sessions, breakfast, a pizza party and received toys and gifts.

Bonus Fact:  One night, Alicia skied over the cliff of a Black Diamond Ski Slope into a ravine.  Ski Patrol had to climb down the ravine, rescue Alicia and transport her down the mountain on a stretcher.


    About the Author:

    Alicia SingletonBorn and raised in Philadelphia, the Howard University graduate embraced the written word at an early age. She credits this to her loving, older sister whom, while they were youngsters, made the author eat lotion on a regular basis. Realizing the need to sound-out the ingredients on the lotion label, Alicia stopped the lotion-eating practice, but continued to read the labels of the concoctions her sister brought for her to try. This early necessity to read flowered to a passion; hence, a writer was born.The award winning author resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband and son.  Still an avid reader, label or otherwise, Alicia is hard at work completing her next suspense novel.Her latest book is the suspense novel, Dark Side of Valor.

    Visit Alicia’s website at

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