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APRIL 30, 2012 9:01AM

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together Part 2

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For this Week’s Photo Challenge, I already did a piece on together which represented me and my family.  If you haven’t read it click here.

However, I woke up this morning thinking of another form of together that has meant a lot to me throughout my travels.  The together with the people I meet around the world.  The togetherness and sharing of different cultures and friendships.

Here are a few of my highlights.  I have selected five pictures of together…..

Together:  Guatemala 2012

My Guatemalan friends including me in El Dia de la mujer celebration. 

Together:  China 2011

My newly made Chinese friends I met atop the Great Wall of China.  They desperately wanted their picture with me, a tall American blond haired woman.  I also said I wanted my picture with them as well!  

Together:  Morocco 2010

A photo of me and Khadja, an educated, modern Moroccan woman wearing her traditional hijab and floppy sun hat, just like me!

Together:  Nepal 2009

My guide and friend Hari and I atop the Annapurna Trail in Nepal.  We still keep in touch today.  He became a great friend and one of the best parts of my trip to Nepal.

Together:  Costa Rica 2009

Here is a picture of Javier alone.  His expression truly portrays his sarcastic, full-of-life attitude.  I volunteered at the nursing home in Costa Rica where Javier lived.

Meeting the local people of a country is perhaps the greatest insight you can ever have into a place.  These are the people who have shared with me a little bit of their lives.  It reminds me of two things:  We are all so different yet we are all the same.  

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