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MAY 14, 2012 1:49PM

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

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For this week’s official Weekly Photo Challenge, the subject is perhaps one of my favorites:  Blue.  I love the color blue.  It is my favorite color.  I thought I’d put a collection of all my favorite travel photos with the color blue below.  I couldn’t figure out what one to feature so I chose them all.  Here is what blue means to me.

The sea

Looking down from the island of Santorini, Greece.  July 2000. 

The sky

Skiing on the Ridge in Taos, New Mexico after a fresh snow.  February 2012.

The mountains

View on top of hike to the top of the Santa Maria volcano.  Guatemala.  March 2012. 

The lake

Lovely Lake Harriet outside of my house in Southwest Minneapolis.  Photo taken in February 2012. 

The alley

The winding alleyways in Rabat, Morocco.  March 2011.  

The building

Lovely blue building I used as my landmark and way to get around Xela, Guatemala, March 2012. 

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