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MAY 16, 2012 1:53PM

Wondrous Spain

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As promised, I got the good old photo scanner out and scanned my eight year old pictures from my trip to Southern Spain in May 2004. These were the days before I took a zillion photos yet thankfully I kept detailed notes of my travels in my handwritten leather journals.  I have over 25 of these journals, diaries of my life, which were mostly written in my early to late twenties, before marriage and kids.

This trip to Spain was rather significant as I was 13 weeks pregnant with my first child.  It was planned however we had booked the trip well before I knew I’d be expecting.  It wasn’t the best thing to do given my intense morning sickness, lack of energy, need to constantly use the loo and not being able to drink alcohol.  But we made the best of our ten-day trip, driving in a huge circle starting in Seville and moving south to Gibraltar and round back again.  It was my third time to Spain but my husband’s first.

I look forward to sharing some photos from this trip.  I need to dig deep, fix up the pictures a bit and share.  Here are a few to pique your interest…..

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