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December 06
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SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 10:34PM

Thank you WordPress for finally giving me a new theme!

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Goodbye Twenty-Eleven, I will miss you!

Hurray! Today after months and months of searching the WordPress list of themes I finally found exactly what I’ve been searching for….a new, improved custom theme!  It feels almost like an act of fate. The day before I am about to launch my new series tomorrow called The Friday Feature I got an email from WordPress introducing two new themes. When I first took a laid eyes on “Gridspace“, I instantly fell in love. This beautiful theme is everything I’d ever wanted and more.

I knew it was risky launching a new theme without having enough time to go through and tweak things. The last time I tried with the custom theme “On Demand” (which I adore), my entire blog got completely discombobulated. It was terrible and the worst part of all was there was no way to have my old theme up and running while I tried to frantically fix the new theme. What I saw (a big mess) was what my readers were seeing. I freaked out and gave up after only a half an hour of panic and frustration. I went back to my old stand-by twenty-eleven and had to reconfigure almost everything all over again.

Twenty-elevan is an excellent theme.  I really love it.  However, I wanted to make my blog easier to read, more inviting to new visitors and easier to find the 500+ posts on my site. I adore the look of a magazine-styled page with featured posts standing out in a simple yet striking layout. Yet I couldn’t’ find the right style for me.  I also wanted a simplistic looking front page that made it easy for readers to find my 500+ other posts (I haven’t tweaked this yet but it will come!).

Gridspace allows me to do everything I want and more! The layout is fabulous and allows the reader to decide on the view (there is a toggle button at the righthand side of the screen where the reader can select to view the posts in a visually different way). Gridspace also adapts well to different screen sizes so if you are like me, and use an iPhone frequently to read posts, you won’t be annoyed at the small layout that doesn’t properly fill the screen.

The two layouts for Gridspace…the reader can decide which one they prefer!

Other perks include a wider screen for my photos and a nicer layout option for all the “links”. Gridspace even has a widget for which is great! is a site that lists all my social media sites, all in one spot (if you don’t have one yet, grab it and save your name!).

Finally, the custom options are amazing! I am no web designer and am almost finished reading “WordPress for Dummies” (which is a great read by the way) yet was able to enjoy the ease and ability to customize my own site. It actually wasn’t too hard and I’m nowhere near done!

Although Gridspace is a premium theme that costs $75, it is well worth the money, especially given the fact that most web designers want hundreds if not thousands of dollars to help you design your theme.

So, thank you WordPress! You answered my prayers and I look forward to working with my new theme!

As for my readers, please let me know what you think! I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, tweaking and adjusting the theme-—I know there are a lot of tweaks I need to adjust so please bare with me! (Ok….I don’t like the quote in yellow, nor the links in red, nor the small margins on the lefthand side….but hopefully I can work with it and figure it out!). Please also let me know if you find it easier to read and more appealing.  In order to see the full view of the site, you will need to visit my homepage at:


Oh, and by the way….you may have noticed I have changed the name of my blog a little to focus more on where I envision it going: A Thirdeyeworld by thirdeyemom. I felt that using only thirdeyemom sounded too much like a mommy blog. Yes, I am a mom however I don’t really write about parenting much. “A Thirdeyeworld” is my vision for making my blog a combination of travel, culture and philanthropy. I believe strongly that they go hand and hand and using an open mind to traveling and experiencing the world (aka a “third-eye”) will help you see it in a new way.

My photography blog will remain the same “thethirdeyeworld” and I will continue to use the url for my main blog. I just wanted to let you know of the change in case it causes any confusion.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned….

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I have just visited and it is great!!! But most amazing is that you have travelled all over the world!! Wish I could do this...Thank you for sharing, being there is like being all over the world, in just one click!!!
I will check it out. Very exciting!