Thomas Gladysz

Thomas Gladysz
San Francisco, California, United States
February 02
arts journalist
I'm an and arts journalist and author. I write about books, authors, film, music, the visual arts, and popular culture. I contribute to the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Other work elsewhere. My interview with poet Allen Ginsberg on the subject of photography appeared in BEAT MEMORIES (National Gallery of Art). I also edited and wrote the introduction to the "Louise Brooks edition" of Margarete Bohme's THE DIARY OF A LOST GIRL (PandorasBox Press). Other work in books published by HarperCollins, University of Nebraska Press, Gale Group, etc.... I'm also the founding Director of the Louise Brooks Society, an internet based archive & international fan club devoted to the legendary silent film star. I've contributed to books on the actress, organized exhibits and screenings, appeared on television and radio, and introduced the actress's films around the world. More about me at Thomas Gladysz