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FEBRUARY 13, 2010 2:58AM

Salve Regina (2009)

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This is a post to the request from Stellaa to post love poetry for Valentine's Day.  This has previously been published on my Facebook poetry page.  This relationship, has unfortunately, ended... just in time for Valentine's.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I was very much in love when I wrote it.


“I got used to the idea that I was no beauty queen,” she flatly sighed
As I surveyed her body sprawled in my bed
In the blissful haze following a lazy afternoon of love
Long locks of chocolate silk raining in rings on my pillow
She spoke into the air to no one in particular
Though I was the only one there
Then turned to grant me audience
So I alone could witness the special splendor shining from her indigo eyes
And be dazzled by the brilliance of her playful smile

She leapt up and stood
Lean and lanky, long arms, long legs
And I was struck by her proud and graceful stance
Preening like a lone feral pony from Chincoteague
Monarch of all she surveys, knowing she’s been spied
Spirited and ready to run free, she cannot be penned or kept
Only beheld for a moment
Until she longs again to bolt to greener pasture

A yawning stretch shows off her subtle curves
Chin up and back bowed
She pulls back her mane from her slender neck
And fastens tight the curls she finds unruly
But which so delight my fingers as we make love
She is going and I know it may be a long time
Until I again can feel her form under my yearning hands
And take in the sweet perfume of her breath

Still, I smile knowing my patience will be rewarded
She will return to fill the gaping chasm between my arms
Because she craves my touch
Needs my adoration
Hungers for the affirmation
That here in my humble room
She is indeed the queen she never thought she was

© Thomas Horton, All Rights Reserved.

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Oh MY GOD!! This is astonishingly good!!!!

very very rated
Well done. Lovely. I hope she's seen it, even if the love is faded.
she is breathtaking in your words...