NOVEMBER 10, 2009 9:43AM

Alert: About your feed import

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As some of you have noticed, we've been having some problems with our feed import function over the last few weeks -- some posts are being imported a few days late, others aren't coming in at all. The cause: Open Salon's growing popularity. As wonderful as that is, our system is getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of blogs being imported.

Our hard-working engineers are going to be pushing out a fix in the near future, but, in the meantime, we apologize for the delay -- and I promise to let you know as soon as things are up and running.

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It's nice to be popular! But I guess you need to open the doors and sweep off the patio.
"SOME problems???" My feed hasn't updated since Nov. 2nd.

I might give up on the live feed altogether.
Thomas thanks. As a deputy editor do you get to wear a badge?
And I hope I don't mean to sound bitter -- I love OS and I know you're all working to fix the problem. It's just frustrating, and since I update my blog everyday, the live feed was a great option to avoid "cutting and pasting" and having to post things twice and doing double the work. But the feed wasn't really LIVE -- the delays were terrible even before this latest "hiccup." I hope that the feeds aren;'t just fixed but IMPROVED. Thanks as always for addressing this as quickly as possible.
There's a work around. Delete your feed, and then set it up again. It's annoying, but it's something you can do.
A workaround? You must have experience in IT or a business area. :-) You definitely don't hear that term on the streets.
Thanks for the update. And Sheepdog stole my question.
Tony, thanks for the work around solution! My posts from the last 7 days are now up. (Why the OS tech support couldn't tell me to that is a question for another day, I guess.) I agree that it's annoying but at least the problem is momentarily fixed.
My blog doesn't always feed in, but lovely Rachel Hagen helped me by sending me a link of how it was supposed to work. Now, I can do it myself! Sure, it takes a little bit of time, but it works for me!! There's always a way around things.
The good news is that the cause is from something good, so congratulations on that front!
Just posted my suggestions here:
Thanks for the update, Thomas. At least now we'll have a name for the monster!
As someone who has had to sift through and read a lot of snail mailed submissions, I feel for you...and I can only imagine the technical end challenges...
Thanks for explaining. I have been trying to troubleshoot this for a while. I will continue to manually import and wait for an update.
Thanks for the info. Good luck.
You're having problems because your tech peeps don't know what they're doing. This is easy. Let's fix it. Hollow it out, put it back together. A little Perl and we're done. I'm tired of this. It's inexcusable. xox
Any ideas how to stop the huge blog importation that is on the horizon from Devonia, who is moving her right-wing blog, and all of the blogs of the bloggers therein, to OS? Her tests -- which consist of chats between her and one or two people -- have clogged the feed for hours. This is a serious concern.
Any updates? I've been manually uploading my feed everytime I post something new but I hear other people are still having problems.
I'm happy to be patient, this is a relatively new site.

To deal with similar issues as others have mentioned, I tried to delete my feed and start over. I deleted all my posts and deleted the feed. Then I entered the feed again which was fine until it showed all my posts as "already imported." It wouldn't let me re-import them (after I had deleted them from Open Salon).

Then I figured I'd delete my account and start over. Couldn't find a way to do that (!)... so I had to start a second account.

And now I'm getting spam from my first account already.


But I'll wait.
It's getting worse. I delete and reinstate my feed every time I create a new blog entry. Twice lately, I've gone through this ritual and yet my blog has not uploaded the first time I tried. The message screen displayed the name of the blog entry, but it did not upload until I repeated the process.
Geezerchick. I'm manually uploading the feed every time too -- and you're right, even that is unpredictable, requiring me to do it repeat times before the new entry is imported.

ANY UPDATES on what's happening? I'm getting the feeling that nothing's being done about it.
As long as you are updating, could you please provide a link back to Salon? I welcomed Salon's many direct feeds to Open Salon - I especially liked their inclusion of related Open Salon posts for each article - and miss having links back to Salon.
well, nice to see I'm not the only one having the problem. Here's a few more suggestions:

1) a FLAG COMMENT feature, so crap like the xmas message from the spammer above me get addressed promptly and dont' continue to clog people's pages. (3 of the last 5 posts I've read had the same spam message for the same site, posted from the same account) These accounts need to be removed promptly.

2) exactly what is it about reading an rss feed that's not working? If I delete the feed (the feed, not the posts) and set up the feed again, all the posts are there, and the ones I imported previously are noted as such. Either the system grabs various, disparate rss feeds at certain intervals or it doesn't.

3) this has been going on for almost 2 months now - is everyone a volunteer or intern, or are there any paid professionals on staff?
It's really really frustrating that this hasn't been fixed yet. (And we haven't even been given an update with some specific details on the progress.)

Even with the manual work-around, I still haven't been able to import my blog entry today.

Fix the problem or hire someone who can.
Tom, I hope you don't think I'm being rude with my persistent comments on this. But I just don't understand why the feed importer on Open Salon is so problematic. I use the exact same feed URL to import my blog to other places (like the Kindle for example) and it's always instantaneous there. So what's the issue on OS? Any updates? Thanks.
Wow, this is good info. I wondered why it took a half hour for me to see my post—but what's still a mystery is that once I do see it, there are 30-some-odd views clocked on it already! So someone is seeing it before I can.

Another technical problem (which I have emailed Rachel about) is that the "Most Recent" and "Popularity" sections have totally different counts. Please see Rachel about this. I sent her a screen shot showing the huge discrepancies.

BTW, is there ANY way to excise the spammers? Aren't there filters you can apply against "Nike" and the like?
Oh, it's about the feed function. Yeah, I didn't get my own RSS feed this week. But still and all, look at my above comments. I don't get a lot of what goes on here at OS, that should be totally done by bots quickly and accurately—but isn't.
Yeah, now my workaround doesn't work anymore. I can't import my feed at all.

It's back to posting snippets and making people go to my own site to get the full story until this is fixed.
I see some things haven't changed since my departure from OS last July.

Sometimes the silence here from Those Who Run This Place in responding to those who provide the content is deafening.
Today, I cancelled my feed, reinstated my feed, tried to upload my blog and saw the title of my current entry on the list. I click on it. I saw the page that said my new blog was posted. I clicked on the name of my new blog entry and got a page saying page not found, do I want to return to the home page? I tried to repeat the cancel feed, reinstate feed, upload blog, process and the name of my current blog entry didn't even appear on the list. Total bummers.
Yes, the work-around of importing your feed manually is also getting worse and worse. Something needs to be fixed. My friends who subscribe to my blog feed through Amazon's Kindle get it almost instantaneously through the Whispernet. I don't understand why the same thing can't be set up for Open Salon.

Also, Joy Mars, I totally agree -- the spammers are becoming a real problem, disrupting the flow of the comments.
Will OS ever be set up to work with Posterous?
There's also a problem with alerts today.
wow, months later and still no change, no progress, no news, no nothing!

[walks away shaking his head....]
When I checked my feed link after the crash a few days ago, it was blank. I put in my feedblitz link again. Still no automatic upload.
I hoped the crash meant you were fixing things.
While you're at it, could you get rid of the spammers posting their products and prices as comments on blogs? Wouldn't it be lovely for them to vanish forever?
I didn't notice but thanks for the heads up and fixing it. There's a whole lot of writing going on. Thanks for keeping Salon's doors open!
Pleading ignorance here (and I don't have to plead very hard) but what exactly is meant by "feed?" What is "live feed?" Is that different from just plain "feed?"
You'll lose your popularity if you keep giving front page coverage to shit material. Especially cut and paste news. Of what use is that?
Hey -- the feed is working again. My blog just uploaded all by itself. Yay!
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