DECEMBER 16, 2009 12:02PM

Salon Kitchen Challenge: Meal for those you love

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In case you missed it, this week's first-ever Salon Bar Challenge winner -- in which we asked you create your very own holiday-coping cocktail -- was the delightful Rebecca Farwell. You can check out her winning entry, the Forgive and Forget, on Salon -- and make sure to read Francis Lam's summary of other great posts.

Now, this week's challenge:

"Balance, people. Let's balance the slightly cynical challenge last week with one steadfastly in line with the spirit of the holidays. This week, create a dish or a meal that represents the person or people you want to celebrate with. There. How lovely!

The dish (or dishes) may be as literal as their favorite foods, or it may represent them in some more metaphoric way. But we want to hear your stories, and, of course, you may reserve the right to be cynical about your own loved ones.

Be sure to tag your post: SKC holiday loved ones"



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how about recognizing the great poets who reside here in OS?
I can really sink my teeth into this one!
I am new to this site and hopefully you get my entry. I really want someone to try this Salsa out! It seems like a "Spring time" dish but it is around all year here especially during the holiday's... and the heat from it warms you up. Happy Holiday's and thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Perhaps a more appropriate venue?
Hey Thomas
Wadya think about pulling the plug on hall1986hall1986?

They've been bastardizing this site. Is that what OS is for?
Great challenge! But not really, if you love someone...and I do! xox
waaaaaah, they let you post for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
What's the deadline, Thomas? :-) There's gotta be a deadline.
sooo... who's in charge around here?
How 'bout nawaabi style like dum ka muragh and biryaani with dry fruit sharbat .

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