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JULY 3, 2009 1:59PM

Conformism and the Perversion of the American Male

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When it comes to which female is sexy, a penis has its own mind. A million and a half years of evolution—natural selection and sexual selection—has established and confirmed that assertion. That is, a million and a half years of evolution had set the criteria for female sexiness, or the sexy female model. How can you change the model of female sexiness in two hundred years, or if we implicate our Greco-Roman culture, little over two thousand years? The criteria for sexual preferences are extremely resistant to change. Whose word on female sexiness you think we should take yours or that of a tribal (Aborigine, for example) man? His opinion has a million years of evolution behind it; yours, well—to be as polite as I can—fuck you. How, then, after a million years, can a penis change his mind? How can you MAKE a penis conform? How strong could the social pressures that force us to do things be to negate eons of the evolutionary pressures that make us do what we want.

Another argument that explains why the penis is set in his ways is this. Where breeding and survival are at odds, breeding takes precedence. In other words, the penis would rather die than fuck the wrong female. By right, the penis is a gene-propagating, freedom-loving, flag-raising, bull-of-his mother, avenger-of-his-father, gift from God/Nature.

Cultural Conformism means that we all blindly follow whatever happens to be the commonest pattern of behavior in society. People adopt the fashions, however rediculus, that suit their priorities and coerce the skeptics into conforming. We can be superficial, capitalistic, materialist and nationalistic all we want, but when we conform to idiocies, we become idiots, nothing but rumors living a lie.

“…It is my fourth (and to avoid too depressing a bill, final) conviction that the American people, taking one with another, constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of surfs and goose-steppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the Middle Ages. They grow more timorous, more sniveling, more poltroonish and more ignominious every day.”
H. L. Mencken

The Natural (Evolution-Mandated) Criteria of Human Female Sexiness

Book of female beauty, volume one, chapter one: plumpness is sexiness and plump is far sexier than skinny; hence, the phrase sins of the flesh, rather than, sins of the crypt. Tribal men (and most of the world’s men) prefer plump females all over the world. Again, before you start pulling causality out of your ass, ask yourself who is making a free and clear judgment, you or the tribal man. It is very hard to believe that we are descendants of males who enjoyed pounding bone. Aside from some beauty universals—Symmetry, clear eyes, narrow waists, upright curved breasts and hips, small feet, clear soft skin, even straight hair—men prefer convex to concave, fleshy to bony, round to pointy.

The Golden Rule: Waist/Chest and Hip Ratio and the Ideal Female Figure

A man will find almost any weight of a woman attractive, within reason, as long as her waist is much thinner than her hips and chest. That is, a skinny woman can still be attractive if she has an ass. Unfortunately, a nice ass usually shows in naturally skinny women, not in women who lose weight—weight reduction has terrifying physical and emotional effects, but that is another topic. The golden rule is that the lower the waist/chest and hip ration, the more attractive the woman is. The famous female hourglass cartoon figure is truly a man’s ultimate fantasy.

Gynoid fat distribution (more fat of hips, less on torso) signals to the male—together with the female breasts—female fertility and is associated with hormonal changes necessary for female fertility. Furthermore, thinness accentuates the natural effects of age. Thin, was, is, and will always be wrinkly, bony, starved, emaciated and dead.

Gynoid Arcana (Intersecting Gynoid Arcs) Thoth © 2004

The geometry of beauty is a human universal. In a deeper form of natural programming, a male is inclined to look for and find on a female body certain curves/intersecting arcs. That is, he is looking for specific curves with specific measures and ratios—for example, the curves formed when the ass cheek and the back of thigh meet and the heavenly curve, under the belly button, that form what we call “pot belly,” yet rightfully named, “the mount of Venus.” Other curves to look for are on the inside of the thighs and the outside of the upper arms. Some of you, I know, must be freaking out right now, especially those insane bitches that are actually trying to lose their mounts of Venus. One curve too many (if there is such a thing), on the other hand, is not sexy.

Have some males, pick the sexiest of a group of female nude photos, the winners will always have more curves. Even more, of photos of the same view of the same model in the same position but in different light, the one with accentuated intersections is the sexiest.

Ass-man or Tit-man

If you are a woman, you definitely want to go with the ass-man, even if you have nice tits. The ass-man is a more natural and normal heterosexual. It is not that he does not like tits, he just likes ass better. The tit-man, on the other hand has many problems, infantilism, for one.

Perversion of the American Male

The sexual status quo of the American male is sad. An American will fuck anything society tells him to fuck. I choose not to discuss the young American male in this post, since it is much easier for a young, horny penis to comply. I am concerned with the ever-growing phenomenon of middle-aged American men leaving their sexy voluptuous wives for skinny bitches—or what those idiots mistakenly refer to as trophy wives. How can a middle-aged man force his penis to comply? How can he get it up to fuck a bag of bones or a hanger with fake tits?

Greco-Roman Pedophile Syndrome Thoth © 2004

A homosexual male is attracted to other males, normally within the same age group, and this is an accepted sexual behavior in most civilized societies. With a pedophile (Greek paidophilia, pais=child, philia=love/friendship) on the other hand, the sexual interest is toward prepubescent youths. Greek and Roman men alike were young boy-pedophiles of the highest water, and the Greco-Roman Pedophile directed his sick behavior, and most of the time, his violence only towards young boys. The pathology is simple and barbaric: it is about the power gained from the savagery of forcing himself on an eight-year old boy. Raping young girls was not sick enough for those motherfuckers.

With the rise of Christianity, homosexuality became a taboo and the Greco-Roman pedophilia became, well, illegal. Yet it never went out of fashion in the West, until it took its latest form: men preferring to have sex with thin women—a thin woman is the closest thing to a young boy. Unfortunately, of all Westerners, Americans revere the Greeks the most. We are the only people on the planet who still think that the Roman Empire was a good thing.   

Love Thy Beautiful Voluptuous Woman

Take my advice. Break up with that boney bitch before she literally breaks your balls or divorce her and pay her; believe me it is worth it. Apologize to your big-ass beautiful wife and beg her for forgiveness. Take her out to a nice dinner, seduce her and make love to her; do not fuck her, at least not yet. Kiss her all over, kiss every curve on her body; be an American, and may be add a little SPANKY-doodle went to town, but gently and with love. Dive in between her legs, at the gates of heaven; be a man, be a patriot, and do not come up for air. If you do, do not look like you are drowning. Remember now, you are licking an ice cream cone or a Life Saver; you are not eating a burger. Be both sensitive and perceptive. Wait for heavy breathing, shakes and tremors; these are the signs of success—noise usually means nothing. Be patient and wait for the full body tremors. If not, gently insert your middle and index fingers into her “hooha” and press the G-spot (a cauliflower-like protrusion on the UPPER wall of the vagina) against the back of her symphysis pubis (look it the fuck up). Repeat, without stopping the outside lingual action, and wait for the earth shattering full body spasm. Then, and only upon her request, pound that big beautiful ass silly and thank your maker and me. 

Thoth © 2009

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Damn, Thoth . . .this is sweet. But what if a man is both a tit AND ass man?

I'm gonna have to read this again after I get home, yummy.

I appreciate your paean to the voluptuous, but I would not be so quick to dismiss the appeal of the slender. In terms of your evolutionary theory, slender women may hold animalistic sexual appeal because they appear younger than their older and heavier counterparts, like girls just entered into puberty. Such a condition would have inspired natural selection, as a younger sex partner would be stronger, healthier and, well... er, hotter.
I am not 'knocking' the voluptuous, Mme WAH - only lending a bit of clarity to phenomenon of men who find slender women attractive.
why can't we love both the fat and the bones?! i'm one of those women who has a very mismatched body - thin limbs and torso but plump ass and thighs. when i buy a bikini i have to get a size 6 for the top and a size 12 for the bottom. so if i'm wearing a skirt i appear skinny, and when people guess my weight they guess waaay under my actual weight. appearances can be very deceiving!
hahaha. Excellent post. I prefer a girl with some back.
Do these pants make me look skinny?
I would hope the answer would be, "No".
We would all be healthier and happier if we were no coerced into the starvation diets laid on us by the gay designers who love to drape the male figure.
You are very welcomed, and rightfully so.

Thank you, I guess a tit and ass man is well...complete?

You one very lucky woman.

Thank you, I thought so.
So I've got the perfect waist-hip ration, but hella curly hair. DAMN. I knew the hair would get me in the end! Uh, pardon the pun. :-D

If you got the ratio, you got the men by the puns.

Thanks for the comment.
Too late for this life, but I'm going to let several curvacious girlfriends know about this article for sure! :-D
Gee, Thoth, I think you covered pretty much all the bases with this one... Truer words ne'er were spoken.

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