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July 29
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FEBRUARY 9, 2013 8:24AM

The Awakening

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So far we're at 28 inches here in our sleepy town in Ct. and it's still snowing. Only expect another 1-3. The dog has yet to be able to get out but she has the patience of a dog saint. Hope everyone is safe where they are! We could have had 5 ft. as long as I had power for my morning coffee. ;-)



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happy b day to hubby.
yes! exactly! so long as there is power, and tv, and coffee, and internet.
how come this storm got two names? first it was NEMO,
now it's CHARLOTTE. an hermaphroditic blizzard?
a multiple personality snow event?
I have no idea why the name changes. I'd heard Charlotte first then heard it being called Nemo from the upstate NY area. It's a bi-blizzard? First porno storm in history? Someone needs to take credit for that. Why not the northeast? ;-)
Happy B-day, Gar! And what? Only 28 inches????


This from a woman who hasn't seen that many inches of snow TOTAL since she left MA nearly 14 years ago!

Anyway, glad you got your coffee.
seems it was a goddamn takeover by that fascist organization
they got claims to names, i been told.
i dunno what to believe anymore.
a bi blizzard. a dissociative personality!
Kit* James* What a way to celebrate huh? Bad back, bad knees and a heart attack waiting to happen. I told him, don't die on me today! He said he'd wait till tomorrow. He's that kind of guy. Very considerate.

James, it reminds me of the ElCamino....I'm a truck..I'm a car..I'm a truck....
well i sure hope husband doesnt die.
also: the whole g-damn state of CT better be sleepy today.
i am gonna be sleepy later.
this blizzard is kinky. double names! a nice girl,putting down
soft snow...a mean dude, all that wind last nite.
TME, wow! 28" qualifies as a storm that will be remembered for a long time! About 14" here which is not far from Danbury, CT. Turkeys are still around and have been given more birdseed, plus had their pictures taken again.
Thank you for sharing. Send some of that cold air down south. R
*Designanator, we're about 45 mintues from you. My husband used to work in Danbury. I'd have thought you'd have gotten hit your way more than us. Seems to have been the norm last year.
Trudge, As much as you want you can have. Although I admit to loving the cold over the heat.
I think it looks beautiful and I am jealous. Sun Sun Sun here in Southern California and it gets boring. That little machine looks like the perfect way to make a path through the snow. Thanks for the update.

God that looks... eh . . . FUN! Dog has snow on point. And amen to who cares as long as you have electwicity!
I have a friend whose kid goes to Quinnipiac in CT. I think they have the biggest snow total (34") so far.

How 'bout these silly local news stations trumpeting "storm-of-the-(whatever)" 24/7, senior weather people "starting coverage at 4 AM!" and through the weekend, etc.

Sheesh, where I grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York, it was nutin' unless the plow's snowbanks could bury our 4 and 5 foot kid heights and maybe then they'd delay school 2 hours. And all cars were rear-wheel drive, making through just fine. (Gawd, I sound like an old fart.)

Here outside of Philly, we just got a coating.
Zanelle, It is pretty! They haven't come by to plow the street yet. My son-in-law is a town cop and they usually pick the guys up so they have less patrol cars on the road. He got off at 6 this morning but they had to let him off about a mile from the house and he trudged home in the snow. He was exhausted. They had about 6 plows break down last night he said. With a not healthy 87 yr. old Mom here it's a bit worrisome knowing no one can get in the area.
Trig, I am smiling! I'm inside looking out.
Joisey, I grew up in Schenectady! When I first got to Ct. and they cancelled school at 3 inches I was like wtf that's nothing. We stayed in school through whiteouts. The only time we were let out early was during ice storms when the wires were hanging and we had to walk under them hoping they stayed up. And you are an old fart. Love Quinnipiac used to be my college hang out area. Sleeping Giant must look fabulous!
The dual name is because there are two storms. One coming up from south of NY and one coming east over Ontario and Quebec up in Canada then going down and joining the first one to make a mess.

Then they're both supposed to move on up and east out over the ocean. During that process, we here in PEI are getting sideswiped by it. Nothing serious. No more than 2 feet of snow that will end up in the bush as the winds of about 90 kph (55mph) blow it away from the open spaces. It's doing that now as I look out the window. Every gust produces a horizontal white-out of flying dry powdery snow grit. As long as the power doesn't go out, we'll all be just fine.
Sky, thank you for the duel storm info. I never paid attention just thought the weathermen were having a storm name fight. Keep us updated where you are...
Will the dual storms fight a duel to see which can drop the most snow?

Did you just call me an old fart?

Wait, am I answering to that characterization?

(Dang, it must be true, sans the gas, however)
TME, that's amazing to hear how you're that close to Danbury, plus your husband used to work there! Here's a post with photos of Washington and Warren, CT taken two years ago just a day before another Nor'easter storm dumped snow on the region:

I also have posts about Kent, New Milford, and Southbury...I love CT!
Joisey, you called you an old fart ,I confirmed ,than you confirmed again after I confirmed you. And your final answer is? ;-)
When you live in a state this small we're all pretty close to each other I guess, ;-) We used to take a lot of rides when the kids were small and Washington Depot was one of my favorite areas to go through. That's the Washington area you were talking about? I really love the villages we have around us.
I can't get to the link you posted. It's says not available? Send me it onto me in a message. I've love to see the pics. I transplanted here in '70 to go to college in New Haven and never went home again. It is a beautiful state for sure.
This is so beautiful...I wish I were there!
Seer, I love the snow too ..from inside. :-) We're still landlocked. The plows came through to try to do the street about 10:30 last night, got stuck twice about 200 ft. in and had to be pulled out by a smaller back-up plow. They left. We're a sports town and they have no issues paying big bucks to put lights on a highschool football field so the kids could play at night but can't invest in extra snow removal vehicles. I think they should pay all the guys in the neighborhood that used their mere snowblowers to dig their driveways out to do the streete job. It' pathetic.. Can you say payloader? Those they have.
Emily me too! Bring a shovel! ;-)
OMg thanks for sharing..
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★R
Algis! Will never have photos to match yours but thanks for peeking in! We just got a partial plow out last night. They're doing one lane per road. There's 10 ft. of snow from my mailbox to the area of the road they cleared. USPS asks that we clear a way for our mail deliveries. I say to them, "Stay the frig off the roads and deal with it like the rest of us or come shovel it out yourself." Dorks.