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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 7:50PM

Dear Mrs. Dorner;

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This has to be a difficult time for you. I know it would be difficult for me as well because after all; I’m a Momma too. 

Christopher. It’s a meaningful name Mrs. Dorner. The name Christopher is Greek, perhaps you knew that already. Christopher came from the Late Greek Christophoros meaning "bearing Christ". The name was derived from taking Christos combined with phero which means "to bear, to carry". Early Christians used it as a metaphorical name, expressing that they carried Christ in their hearts.


I never knew Christopher, but I wish I had. A young man that once roomed with your son told his story of Christopher’s love for life, for people as well as his courage to face his adversaries with strength and conviction. I believe that young man. I also read your son’s words and how he did, indeed, face his adversaries with strength and conviction despite the ramifications he knew may be imposed upon him. I believe Christopher’s words Mrs. Dorner because after all; I’m a Momma too.


When I first heard the news of the events as they unfolded my heart was heavy, for both of you. Christopher the young man whose diapers you changed, whose cheeks you kissed, whose tears you wiped, whose laughter must have filled the room with a smile that could light the evening sky. Oh, I’m sure you wrestled through anger, heartbreak and sorrow…together. We all have, yet your together is gone; the cheeks are no longer there to be kissed, the tears are your own, and the room has neither laughter nor a smile that could light the evening sky. I feel the pain you are feeling Mrs. Dorner because after all; I’m a Momma too.


We’ll never know the answers Mrs. Dorner. What lies in the hearts, souls and minds of those we loved and lost. How the mind can overcome the heart, the hate overcome the kindness, the pain overcome the smiles. Right from wrong, wrong from right; we teach those values and hope they will endure. Strength, character, integrity; we teach those values and hope they will endure. Love and kindness; we teach those values and hope they will endure. We teach yet we are given no assurance Mrs. Dorner, I know this because after all; I’m a Momma too.


I waiver on the fence of justice Mrs. Dorner. Had my child been laid to rest at the hands of Christopher, my mind would ask that he be found, charged and sentenced to the very same soil of rest in which he placed my child. Yet if it were my son that had laid Christopher to rest my heart would be asking for forgiveness, life, love and a prayer for the return of his smile. For one more kiss; one more wiped tear, one more laugh and one more light in the room. I know this Mrs. Dorner because after all; I’m a Momma too.


So I will pray with you in Christopher’s name, Mrs. Dorner. The name he was given that means to carry Christ in his heart. I will pray for you that you will find peace in knowing the wrongs done were not by the teachings from your heart but by the mind overcoming the heart of your son. For all there was, all there is and all there can be he will always remain “your” baby, your son. May your light flicker brightly in the night sky and the butterflies kiss your cheeks in the morning sun because after all Mrs. Dorner; you’re a Momma too.



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Powerful, powerful writing there, my friend! A difficult concept conveyed with clarity and conviction. Love it, love it, love it!

This is close to home for personal reasons... A mother never knows what her son is going to turn out and do and all she can do is pray for the best.
Does you compassion know no bounds? I'm very touched and encouraged that, in the face of this man's monstrous deeds, you are able to wade through his devastating behavior and see the fragments of his humanity, particularly as perceived through a mother's eye.
and now i know.....what getting to the "Heart" of the matter....really means...
Being a momma is the biggest joy I have known. It makes me able to examine every nook and cranny of human existence through that lens,.I am so grateful to my children for giving me that view, no matter what I see. rated for bravery
I can't imagine what would be a worse version of hell - to be the parent of the victim of a horrible crime or to be the parent of the person who committed it. This is a rare unbiased, humane take on what is surely going to be an unending nightmare for every family touched by Christopher Dorner.
Those before me said it all; eloquently emotional and beautifully written, TME. R
so well written, and finely captures the love of a mother for her child - no matter what.
*Sky, TY for your appreciation and continued support. AND the smiles. ;-)

* Gary, I agree. It would be near impossible to the workings of another's mind no matter how trained. Reason is only his to know.
*Dearest Lin, best we can ever do is hope for the best and love during the worst. Huggssssss to you my friend.
*Kit, I've told you this before and have mentioned it here on OS as well I believe, My son calls me every night on his way home from work to see how my day was to say, "I love you". It's not difficult to imagine my never being able to hear his voice, his words or see his smile. Mom's are universal. I can't pretend it is only me that could hurt so terribly if I were to lose him no matter the cause...thank you for your words. Always
*Steel, TY for your kind words. it's always a pleasure to see you here..always

*Emily, Kids certainly do bring new light to a lot of life's curiosities. Thanks for your beautiful comment.
*Margaret, I don't think either situation would make the pain less, naturally. The only difference I would think possible was that the victims families would be continually asking why....while the criminals Mom may be asking...why and where did I go wrong. That may be a question that haunts her forever. TY so much for your words.
*Thoth, you don't have to say anything. I know your heart. Thank you.

*Gabby, yes, no matter what. Good to see you here. A pleasure as always.
The mothers , and fathers , always suffer for their children. Beautiful piece. R
* Gerald, thank're absolutely right!
Oh, I’m sure you wrestled through anger, heartbreak and sorrow…together. We all have, yet your together is gone; the cheeks are no longer there to be kissed, the tears are your own, and the room has neither laughter nor a smile that could light the evening sky.

yikes that is the hard stuff.
* sure is. Glad you came by.
His name was Christopher and he died at 33 as Christ did. It's a tragedy, any way you look at it. I wish he wrote more and reached out more and found a way to survive. This was really beautiful and powerful, Dee. He had such a sweet face and his actions were a baffling way to clear his name. I'm too perplexed to focus well on what this story was really about. I only hope that somehow others without twisted vendettas are inspired to expose corruption because such corruption is deadly and ruins good lives.You are a sweet soul, Dee, and I wish i could clone you.
"Yet your together is gone; the cheeks are no longer there to be kissed, the tears are your own, and the room has neither laughter nor a smile that could light the evening sky"

that is a cannonball,one of many in this piece..a cannolball to the heart.

hm. we teach integrity, and we teach strength of character,

what is missing is...whimsy...a sense of the ability to laugh at life, instead of weep.

we are a pornographic, lowest common denomitor culture with
no real comedy.

i love to laugh.
it has saved me.
*James, I love to laugh too. All of which you added to what we teach, or should...absolutely agree. That's why you don't see many "serious" pieces from me. Four plus years of shits and giggles mostly taken down and saved via the OS drama of a shut down. At any rate... there's not enough laughter in the world. Heck, when someone toots I still giggle...ok not always a giggle..sometimes a rip roaring gut wrenching laugh but....a laugh all the same. If you ever need a good solid hearty know where I am. *smiles*
understood. whaaat wassit aristotle said about comedy?

According to Aristotle
(who speculates on the matter in his Poetics), ancient comedy originated with the komos, a curious and improbable spectacle in which a company of festive males apparently sang, danced, and cavorted rollickingly around the image of a large phallus. (If this theory is true, by the way, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "stand-up routine.")

Accurate or not, the linking of the origins of comedy to some sort of phallic ritual or festival of mirth seems both plausible and appropriate, since for most of its history--from Aristophanes to Seinfeld--comedy has involved a high-spirited celebration of human sexuality and the triumph of eros. As a rule, tragedies occur on the battlefield or in a palace's great hall; a more likely setting for comedy is the bedroom or bathroom.

On the other hand, it's not true that a film or literary work must involve sexual humor or even be funny in order to qualify as a comedy. A happy ending is all that's required. In fact, since at least as far back as Aristotle, the basic formula for comedy has had more to do with conventions and expectations of plot and character than with a requirement for lewd jokes or cartoonish pratfalls. In essence: A comedy is a story of the rise in fortune of a sympathetic central characte
Singing and dancing around a phallus (The maypole dance, kinda makes ya wonder what those grammar school celebrations were all about huh?) was very common in certain areas of Germany. Of which you are a descendant, as am I. That's weird in itself isn't it?
;-) and believed by some as having phallic symbolism. Yet in certain areas of current day Sweden the pole carries a large horizontally suspended ring around it and hanging from ropes attached at the top of the pole. In a more original form the Swedes maypole strongly reinforces the procreation symbolism. How on earth did we to the phallus...???

Your mind is a wonderful place my friend.

Put Aristophanes' comedy The Clouds on your list of reads/interests. It's what were be coined now as a "spoof" playing Socrates. I think you'd find it close to your interpretation of historical comedy vs bathroom farting or bedroom sheet flapping.

"Es ist, was es ist, dieses Leben, das so zerbrechlich ist, dass das einmal verlorene Gelächter Licht zurück in einen leeren Raum holen kann".....or

It is what is it, this life so fragile, that laughter once lost can bring light back into an empty room.
The jury's out on Christopher Dorner. No doubt but that history will rend its own verdict. It always does.
Jack, I agree. Thank you for commenting here as well as elsewhere. I agree with your comments on the issue.