Light Synchronizes Infinity

APRIL 16, 2012 12:58PM

Teacup of Chameleon Tears

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A roar of white noise, 

the color of breaking glass

in blue billows of Cirque du Soleil,

where the Tourists flamenco into 

paradoxical silence

that cannot be resolved

with a word,

but perpetuates itself in the 

indescribable advance 

of Time,

like a Magician unlocking the door 

that has never been built,

until the Human Soul

enters on carouselambras of coincidence,

and the ocean 

marries the Edge of the Space/time continuum. 


In the trapeze where the Orchids smile into thundering 


the lightning of their imagination 

lost in vertigo of God,

the Circus becomes something it is not. 


When the Ringmaster pirouettes underneath the Arc de Triomphe,

Semolina Pilchard

arrives, carrying a Teacup boiling with  Chameleon's tears. 


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