Light Synchronizes Infinity

MAY 23, 2012 1:56PM

the Gasoline Rainbow & the Plastic Leaf Melting on Asphalt

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Perpetual resurrection,

the flesh of star gathering wildebeasts

rising through the suburbs 

on television sets 

flickering with the paranoia of Hollywood,

an Enchanted Castle

distributed upon the face of the Earth 

and Men do not See it,

like the Cyclops entering a room 

full of Optometrists,

every Argonaut running between photons

as if they were hurricanes of God's love,

crashing onto the fields

where babies grow like dinosaurs 

into convenience stores

full of petroleum rainbows, 

carouselambras of mysterious vagabond shadows

in the place where candy grows like the eyelids of a clown,

and the sounds of the world 

are like computers breaking the heart 

of a Leaf on it's way into the asphalt. 

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